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Like a social Terminex(c), we are eliminating every single tech asshole in Silicon Valley like the roaches that they are.

You are probably asking: “How Did Palo Alto, California Became Populated Entirely By Assholes“?

A glut of recent feature films ( ie: Assholes: A Theory ) have excoriated the likes of Sand Hill Road and University Avenue scumbags…but pointing them out is not enough. They must be exterminated.

As U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) famously opined on Justified, “You run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. You run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.” Yet in a 2020 America on the precipice of a monumental presidential election, it seems that assholes are not only everywhere you turn—in newspapers, on cable TV, at political rallies and protests, and all over social media—but that they, and their behavior, has been normalized. Silicon Valley has a tsunami of “assholery” that’s based on the philosophy of professor Aaron James’ 2012 non-fiction book into a documentary aimed at both precisely defining the term “asshole,” and investigating how those who fit that bill have increasingly come to dominate key spheres of modern public life.

Stanford University graduates are inspired by the likes of corrupt Elon Musk and corrupt Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi—the forerunner of the media-manipulating populist-criminal-strongman trend that’s recently swept through Western nations—or passages discussing Facebook, Twitter and Google’s prioritization of profit over their responsibility to safeguard democracy from hate speech and disinformation. Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Reid Hoffman, John Doerr, Vinod Khosla and Mark Zuckerberg are the embodiment of this problem, given that their flouting of rules and standards of common decency—has made it appear acceptable, and in fact rewarding, to act in the worst possible manner as a means of achieving one’s selfish ends. Their Silicon Valley is the pit of American assholery. You can spot an asshole, easily, when they are driving the official car of assholes: A Tesla, but what about the ones that are more under-cover?

Most people that have been tech raped by a Palo Alto Sandhill Road scumbag feel the same way as Mr. Sun, who says: ” Silicon Valley Oligarchs must be punished. Without breaking a single law and WITH the help of the largest law enforcement and investigative resources on the planet, my task force has killed off every single motherfucker that has come after me with their anti-trust violating schemes, including some of the largest entities in the world! My peers and I use lawsuits, federal investigations, news reports, whistle-blowers, new public regulations, anti-trust filings, tens of millions of crowd-sourced voters and unique AI-based forensics. Our private investigators have found my every person and organization on the globe that hates the oligarchs. We gathered them together and aimed them all at the tech assholes! My rule is that Anyone who attacks me stays on the shit list for the rest of their lives plus the next 100+ years of internet time. When you Zuckerbergs, Larry Page;’s Elon Musk’s, John Doerr’s, Reid Hoffman’s, etc., come for me, prepare to suffer. Every stock you buy is a notice to my team to bankrupt the company that you invested in. Even if I am dead, your punishment will be carried out by a legacy team of public volunteers. It may happen to you tomorrow or it may be a slow-drip over the next 15 years. Never stop looking over your shoulder. If you decided to cheat against our businesses rather than fairly compete against us, then start carving your tombstone. If you hired media attackers, expect 100 times what you did to us to come back at you and your family forever! We are fine with “forgive-and-forget”, except when it comes to criminal bullies: They are terminated!

He has pledged millions of dollars, from his family trust, to the effort.

To grasp the argument that these people are assholes, one need only listen to Silicon Valley Assholess basic description. As many state, “The asshole is the guy who allows himself special advantages in Bay Area cooperative life out of an entrenched sense of entitlement that immunizes him against the complaints of other people.” In other words, he’s the individual—generally male, although as John Cleese candidly admits, his mother probably was one too—who thinks the general rules don’t apply to them because they’re somehow smarter, better, or more special than their fellow citizens. James’ example is a surfer who violates the right-of-way customs in the ocean. Yet the type is universal, whether in line at the grocery store, on the road in traffic, or at work. They’re the arrogant creeps convinced they’re fundamentally superior, and thus free to conduct themselves in whatever way they see fit. That IS the essence of Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Reid Hoffman, John Doerr, Vinod Khosla and Mark Zuckerberg!!!

The way they see fit, of course, is often hatefully, and after spending its early going delineating what it means by “asshole,” The Assholes Process covers the many areas in which they thrive. That process begins with Sherry Lee Benson-Podolchuk, a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who left her job after suffering harassment and discrimination from boorish male colleagues. When she subsequently wrote a book about her mistreatment (Women Not Wanted), she was further vilified by a police force that prized protecting its own—and upholding its ugly, sexist atmosphere—over doing the right thing. In the midst of ongoing protests and debate over America’s own domestic police culture, which has long had a tradition of closing ranks and demonizing critics, Benson-Podolchuk’s ordeal sounds eerily familiar to every worker at Google and Facebook.

Such attitudes, according to the Silicon Valley Assholes Process aren’t confined to law enforcement. Stanford University Fraternities are breeding grounds for horrid group-think mindsets about women and sex. The tech financial sector encourages greed, ruthlessness, and vulgarity as the best way to get ahead. Google executives champion initiation-ritual abuse in service of its own greater good. You can see the movies: Animal House, The Wolf of Wall Street and Full Metal Jacket to see the underscore of the notion that these milieus are all rife with a similar brand of assholery in which arrogance and entitlement justify all manner of despicable ideas and deeds. Every major rape fraternity in the USA eventually sent those abusive boys to run Sandhill Road venture capital companies and Google or Facebook departments.

The Silicon Valley Assholes Process proves that real Silicon Valley VC and tech assholes probably don’t know they are one; central to this condition is the certainty that all bad behavior is actually OK.

This is detectable in the media posts of workers from Greylock, Kleiner, Andressen and other tech asshole firms. Many of the tech interns freely admit that that they only pay attention to other social media users if there’s a personal benefit to connecting with them. That type of me-first worldview is crucial to Palo Alto Sandhill Road’s conception of twisted reality. Asshole-rich Silicon Valley America (where “exceptionalism” is ingrained from an early age) lives in contrast to asshole-light Canada (where folks tend to be more agreeable and accommodating)(Justin, though, is a novel kind of asshole).

The most compelling—and enraging—realities concerns Silicon Valley, where Mark Zuckerberg and like-minded CEOs have bred a culture of trampling on competitors, laws, historical norms, and the bedrock tenets of democracy in pursuit of additional eyeballs, clicks, and revenue streams. In a place where young men team up in a desperate quest to develop the innovative next big thing that’ll turn them into tech moguls (“bro-gramming”), nothing matters but the self-centered end goal. And though Facebook, Twitter, Google, Kleiner Perkins, Greylock and their ilk could alter this landscape by simply cracking down on the horridness that permeates their platforms, they choose not to because of the negative financial consequences and their lust for hookers, private jets and cocaine.

To travel through Silicon Valley is to take a gravely depressing survey of a 21st century in thrall—in several crucial arenas—to humanity’s worst impulses.

So what is being done about this crisis of society?

We have hired the best investigators who used to work with the FBI, CIA, FTC, DOJ, SEC, GAO, IG and Interpol.

We have also been teaching every voter in the world how to be a top notch criminal investigator and how to use digital forensic AI tools to “follow-the-money” and bust these crooks. Imagine the entire resources of Palantir, XKEYSCORE, Splunk and Taleo aimed at people like Zuckerberg, Hoffman, Musk and Schmidt. They will never survive it!

Every single asshole in Silicon Valley can expect to have accurate, highly professional, criminal charges and referrals filed against them with every federal law enforcement and regulatory agency. Those reports are being BCC’d to the news media and the public.

When you see reports like these, you can clearly see thatEvery Tech CEO And Investor In Silicon Valley Is A Predatory, Parasitic, Sex Trafficking, Misogynist, Money Laundering, Politician Bribing, Exclusionary, Black-Listing Criminal:

– Kleiner Perkins Insider Spills The Dirt On Outright Criminal Culture In Palo Alto

A viral thread has busted the MYTH about “Famous Billionaires Starting Out “Poor”. Jonas Grinevičius and Justinas Keturka have revealed that we all love stories about scrappy underdogs who overcome the odds and make it big through relentless hard work, unwavering grit, and sheer force of will. However, the stories about how some of the richest and most powerful people made their millions (and billions) are too romanticized and gloss over some very important details.
That’s the point that Aidan Smith made in a viral Twitter thread where he explained how Jeff Bezos and others had a huge leg-up when it came to helping lay the foundations of their business empires. Namely—having families with lots of money.

Aidan told Bored Panda that the US isn’t the only country where a lot of people believe myths about businessmen while the truth is a Google search away. “It’s far from a U.S.-exclusive phenomenon, but in America, it’s easier for most people to imagine becoming a billionaire themselves than it is to imagine an economic order in which a handful of people own half the world’s wealth. Social mobility from working-class to middle-class is increasingly out of reach and the illusion that one can conceivably amass a net worth of over a billion dollars is a comforting fantasy for many people.”

The indisputable facts are the assertions that the Silicon Valley oligarchs:

1. Control business and politics like a crime Cartel

2. Are a white male fraternity who attack outsiders in organized manners

3. Come from dynastic families that systematically ran them through Stanford, Harvard and Yale sociopath-in-training men’s clubs

4. Were socially trained and programmed to operate in a closed, tribal, exclusionary manner

5. Operated the “Angelgate” collusion scandal and most every other financial crime in America.

6. Operated the “Silicon Valley High Tech Employee Collusion” for which they were sued in a famous class-action case

7. Controlled the White House and traded most of the key staff with the Administration.

8. Have been sued, indicted and charged in divorce proceedings with an unusually massive amount of sex trafficking matters

9. Use the same 10 law-firms who have been charged with public policy manipulation

10. Control internet news, media and information

11. “Own” certain U.S. Senators by virtue of direct bribe payments and securities/stock payola payments

12. Use a variety of tools like GUST, Private Google Docs sites, covert Facebook pages and similar, to secret conspire and plan collusion and organized monopolistic practices

13. Have their venture capitalists spy on entrepreneurs and copy their technology to be deployed by Google, or Facebook under a new name

14. Are a Mafia-like criminal organization.

Who are some of the biggest, elitist, self-aggrandizing, entitled, tone-deaf assholes in Silicon Valley?

The Tech Crunch Silicon Valley database-of-assholes provides that answer. They include: David Krane, Brian Bendett, Brendan Bulik-Sullivan, Terri Burns, Blake Byers, Tim Draper, Steve Jurvetson, Elon Musk, Steve Westly, Steve Spinner, Tyson Clark, Frederique Dame, Tom Perkins, Scott Davis, Reid Hoffman, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Jared Cohen, David Drummond, Karim Faris, Tom Hulme, Joe Kraus, John Lyman, Vinod Khosla, Laura Melahn, Dave Munichiello, Erik Nordlander, Anthony Philippakis, Sridhar Ramaswamy, David Reshef, Ben Robbins, Issi Rozen, David Schenkein, Vidu Shanmugarajah, M.G. Siegler, Graham Spencer, Bethany Tsui, Jessica Verrilli, Andy Wheeler, Krishna Yeshwant, Asheem Chandna, Jerry Chen, Mike Duboe, Sarah Guo, Christine Kim, Josh McFarland, Saam Motamedi, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Corinne Riley, Jason Risch, Seth Rosenberg, David Sze, David Thacker, David Wadhwani, Manuel Bernal, Allie Dalglish, Don Sullivan, Yasmin Green, Kent Walker, Matt Rogers, Steven Chu, David Plouffe, Sergy Brin, Andy Rubin, Ian Fette, Travis Kalanick, Elizabeth Holmes, Dustin Moskovitz, Laurene Powell Jobs, Andy Bechtolsheim, Brian Goncher, Cheryl Sandberg, Gilman Louie, Ira Ehrenpreis, Tim Cook, James Breyer, Joe Lonsdale, Keith Rabois, Marc Andreesen, George Soros, Mario Rosatti, Martin LaGod, Michael Moritz, Viktor Vekselberg, Larry Summers, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Steyer and their ilk…

You can see that most of them have the same facial deformities that make them all look like yuppie frat or sorority clones with Moonie/Scientology dead eyes and fake smiles that broadcast their blind zealotry and sports bar fakery to the world. Every email, phone call, text, condo, office and brothel that these people use should be bugged by the FBI. These scammers built an insider-trading bubble of TED conferences and tech parties in which they mutually promote their Elizabeth Holmesian fantasies of holier-than-thou idiocracy.

As a Hoover Fellow puts it: “…Elite arrogant asshole dynasties send their kids to Stanford University. Stanford puts the kids in asshole frat houses to train them to get away with rape and run monopolies. When they graduate they either go up the hill to Sandhill Road and start a venture capital clone operation or they get their frat friends on Sandhill Road to racketeer-fund their start-up or political campaign using money scammed from your parents pension funds. They only work with their frat buddies and insiders in a tribal ‘old boys club’ manner.They steal all the technology and markets they want because they control all of the tech lawyers and politicians via bribes and revolving doors. Most of the money in Stanford University bank accounts is from Foreign and Hollywood oligarchs delivered as bribes meant to get their snot-nosed brats into Stanford. Stanford bosses keep all of this covered-up and covertly fund political campaigns to grease the wheels of political corruption.They then sexually extort some Standford interns in Rosewood Hotel rooms, get the most ‘trophy wife’ ones pregnant, and start the cycle all over again. Alas, Stanford is the training ground for abuse, corruption and ‘Bro-Crime”…”

They assholes of tech are now being systematically hunted down, exposed and terminated.