BUSTED!!! Opposition News Hype-mongers Reveal Themselves.

In the run-up to the big DC investigations of: who-did-what-to-whom you will suddenly find a bunch of articles posted in seemingly unrelated publications. These articles all share the same message.

The problem (For the Tesla and DOE VC shills) is that, unfortunately for them, the internet is an amazing archival library. A quick search shows that at no time was there ever such a cascade of articles about this one topic.

The mad rush to validate points the finger at which writers are shills for Tesla and the bad people at DOE.

You have articles like:




All with the same message, trying to pre-sell the plastic-coated message that only Tesla is still around today because only Tesla was good. In fact only Tesla bribed enough people to get the free taxpayer money in order to trick the stock market and that is a felony and Tesla staff and backers need to go to prison.

Carlson Kesmeir
Los Angeles