Clinton Campaign Wants Cartoonist Ben Garrison Wiped Out!

Clinton Campaign Wants Cartoonist Ben Garrison Wiped Out!



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By Calinda Forest


With over a billion dollars of both Obama’s and Clinton’s PR contractors working around the clock to spin the news on TV networks and their own, controlled, Google, they can’t come up with a single way to beat one guy with a pencil.


The DNC has been daunted by a cartoonist who can draw like hell, as fast as anybody and post his cartoons around the world.


If there is a secret red “Vince Foster Button” hidden in Hillary’s purse, she certainly would have pushed it on Ben Garrison and his magic markers.


Garrison is no fan of Clinton, as his audacious renderings reveal. The internet loves him and re-distributes his work on the web the second a new image comes out.



There is nothing the DNC can do to stop him. DNC operatives do not have their own Ben Garrison.




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Ben Garrison is a libertarian political cartoon artist known for creating illustrations about United States political corruption and various conspiracy theories, who …


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Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer May 22, 2014. Ben Garrison is fed up with Jew hatred and Holocaust denial and wants to shut it down. I am not a Libertarian and in no way …




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