Someone Wrote ‘F*ck Elon’ on Dozens of Cybertrucks in a Florida Parking Lot And The Trend Has Gone Global


A fleet of parked and seemingly unsold Cybertrucks were vandalized with graffiti reading “Fuck Elon” by someone who is apparently not a fan of either the Cybertruck or Elon Musk – or both.

As such, the list of potential suspects may be quite long.

Instagram user @onlyindade posted a 39-second video of the vandalism on Friday.

“Tesla just leased this parking lot and brought a lot of Tesla trucks,” the man recording the video claims. “They started bringing [them] three days ago, but look what happened.”

The video’s description says the parking lot is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

As the camera pans around the lot, a slew of Cybertrucks and cars are seen with “Fuck Elon” sprayed on the hoods and side doors.

“They vandalized all the cars, all the Tesla trucks.” the man says. “This parking lot has been empty for years.”


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Not surprisingly, the video ended up on the r/CyberStuck subreddit, a forum devoted to mocking the vehicle and its billionaire creator.

“They could have just waited for the usual Florida rain to ruin it,” said one Redditor, referring to the fact that the truck’s stainless steel exterior renders it vulnerable to water. “Save on the spray paint.”

Musk has made several outlandish claims over the years, including his pledge that the Cybertruck will be able to be used as a boat. He’s also claimed that the Roadster 2, which he has been teasing for seven years, will be able to fly. During those seven years, Tesla has collected about $250 million in advance payments for the vehicle, which has yet to go into production.

In 2022, the billionaire bought Twitter, which he has since renamed X while using the platform to endorse anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jews seeking to replace White Americans to dilute their political power.