Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein, who: A.) Own Google, Twitter and Facebook stock, B.) Get billions of dollars of unreported cash and search engine manipulation from Google, Twitter and Facebook, C.) Exchange orders for public policy between themselves and Google, Twitter and Facebook in ways which only benefit themselves, and D.) Over 20 other dirty, RICO violating, corrupt, things.. have been found via document leaks and staff whistleblowers to have ordered attacks on American citizens that competed with them! THAT IS A FELONY VIOLATION OF DEMOCRACY!

Ratfucking – Wikipedia

Ratfucking is an American slang term for political sabotage or dirty tricks, particularly pertaining to elections. It was brought to public attention by Bob …

Donald Segretti Tribute – The Triumph Of The Ratfuckers – Esquire

Oct 4, 2013 As the Reign Of The Morons enters its third day, let us pause for a moment to pay tribute to a political visionary whose entire career …

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Brought to public attention by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in the book on the fall of Richard Nixon, All The President’s Men, ratfucker was Nixon’s term …

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ratfucker – The insane, narcissistic, outrageous asshat who ratfucked his way into the Whitehouse with Russian hacking, slanderous lies from FBI director…

Watergate Created Roger Stone. Trump Completed Him. – Politico

Jan 29, 2019 Stone may not have been in Nixon’s inner circle, but he saw enough to shape his view of politics for life.

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Aug 12, 2020 Why is Trump’s son-in-law meeting with “presidential candidate” Kanye West instead of bringing peace to the Mideast and saving America from the …

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Feb 20, 2020 Roger Stone and Randy Credico. Ronen Tivony/NurPhoto/ZUMA; John Minchillo/AP. Roger Stone, convicted of lying to Congress and obstructing …

The Choicest Quotes From the Final Jan. 6 Hearing

Oct 13, 2022 From “clean up the poo poo” to “F–– the voting. Get right to the violence.”


Ratfucking is an American slang term for political sabotage or dirty tricks. It was first brought to public attention by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in …


New Twitter files dump reveals former head of safety Yoel Roth met WEEKLY with FBI – and agency flagged election-related content for moderation

Twitter files show staffers pushing ban on Trump based on 'historical context'

Newly released internal documents suggest that Twitter’s former head of safety Yoel Roth was meeting weekly with the FBI, and show instances of the FBI flagging tweets related to the 2020 election for deletion.   Journalist Matt Taibbi shared the claims in a new Twitter thread on Friday night, one week after sharing the first tranche of so-called ‘Twitter Files’ turned over by the company’s new owner Elon Musk. In an undated chat on the messaging app Slack that Taibbi says took place after the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, Roth is seen joking about a mysterious meeting on his calendar, saying it is ‘DEFINITELY not a meeting with the FBI I SWEAR’.

Department of Energy REFUSES to fire nonbinary energy official Sam Brinton despite SECOND airport luggage theft scandal

Brinton, who was appointed in June, is now accused of stealing suitcases from airports in Minneapolis and Las Vegas.

DAVID MARCUS: So now we know: Twitter secretly erased conservative voices – and let terrorists and vile vermin tweet freely. It’s savage proof the left fears ideas more than actual killers

MARCUS: If free speech is a pillar of democracy, then Twitter should be charged with sabotage, because they’ve taken sledgehammer to it. Americans have the right to be absolutely outraged.

‘This is election interference’: Republicans demand hearings and urge Elon Musk to reveal the GOP candidates who were ‘shadow banned’ before elections

The release of the second tranche of Twitter files on Thursday night showed the social media giants ‘kept a secret blacklist of topics and accounts’ to prevent them from trending.