How Biden, Obama, Newsom, Pelosi and Feinstein Killed America

How Biden, Obama, Newsom, Pelosi and Feinstein Killed America

Here is the punchline: They solicited all of the third world to get them to come to America in such a large surge that it broke America. They did this under the concept of destroying Republicans because they believed that immigrants would not vote for Republicans. They did this because it would benefit the stock market holdings of Biden, Obama, Newsom, Pelosi and Feinstein. They did not care about the Nation. They cared about their private family dynasty cash.

Their scheme resulted in the largest housing crisis in the history of America, the largest crime wave in the history of America, the most accelerated drug crisis in the history of America and other horrors.

Biden, Obama, Newsom, Pelosi and Feinstein owned and financed Tesla but not a single one of their immigrants owns a Tesla. These corrupt politicians have based their lives around crony corruption, payola, and a bubble of ‘yes’-men.


Hunter Biden’s firm and his father’s VP office exchanged more than ONE THOUSAND emails – despite Joe’s insistence that he never spoke to his son about his business dealings

Hunter Biden's firm and Joe's VP office exchanged more than 1,000 emails: Records show the

New records reveal that then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca exchanged over 1,000 emails during his time as the No. 2 most powerful politician in the world. The latest document dump reveals that there was ‘no separation’ between Hunter’s private business dealings and the ‘official business’ of the Obama-Biden administration. It also directly contradicts the president’s repeated claim over the years that he was never involved with his son’s shady business dealings.

Tucker Carlson claims Obama used to smoke CRACK and enjoy gay sex – but that nobody dared report it ahead of 2008 election

Tucker Carlson has claimed Barack Obama was smoking crack and having sex with men ahead of the 2008 presidential election.

  1. But even in the middle of this triumph, the corruption of liberalism had already begun. By the 1880s, Spencer was already lamenting that the self-styled Liberals of his day were all about hyperactively legislating against liberty, quite as fervently as the absolutist Tories ever did. Thus, he wrote an entire essay called “The New Toryism” which argued that, “Most of those who now pass as …
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  3. On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, the hosts and panelists blamed Donald Trump for the Atlanta shooting, regardless of evidence. Guest Kurt Bardella slimed, “Why are we seeing 150% hate crimes against the AAIP community all coincides with the timing of the rhetoric of the Republican Party using terms like China Virus and Kung Flu.”.
  4. In politics, liberals worked to curb corruption in government, which ran rampant during the Gilded Age.A splinter faction of the Republican Party, the Liberal Republicans, were so frustrated with the corruption in Ulysses S. Grant’s administration—and with his approach to Reconstruction, discussed below—that they ran a separate candidate for president (Horace Greeley) in the election of …
  5. Anatomy of CorruptionLiberal Democracy and the Crisis of the Modern State Darrell Whitman 8 the following 235 years of US history. Today, the pattern continues, and as the United States sinks
  6. The conservative chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday told the new liberal majority in a scathing email that they had staged a “coup” and conducted an “illegal experiment” when they voted to weaken her powers and fire the director of state courts. Chief Justice Annette Ziegler, in two emails obtained by The Associated Press, said that firing and hiring a new state …