Make your own free website about it on one of the hundreds of free website services like Facebook, Myspace, Weebly,, etc. Web search: “free websites”.Make your own blog about it on one of the many free blogging sites. Web search: “free blog hosting services”.Send out press releases about it.Organize an event about it with

Write a story about it and post it on Craigslist.

Write an open letter to Congress about it and publish it everywhere. Have at least 4 smart friends help you spell-check, grammer-check and crazy-check it before you send it.

Call a reporter that has written about a similar thing, in the past, and convince them to do a story.

Sue the bad guys. It might sound crazy at first but, remember, crime is mostly illegal and the law will support you if you help the law out. Many law firms will cover all of your expenses on a “Contingency basis”, you will get free publicity for the cause and you might win some money for your community.

Find articles about that topic online and write your comments, disclosures or position about the topic in the comment section of every relevant news story about that topic that you can find. Don’t stop with the first one, you won’t make a dent until you have done at least 20 in well known publications.

Report it to at least 10 (To make sure nobody buries it) different ones of these “official” entities with a carbon copy to at least 9 others listed at the bottom of your cover letter so they know there is plenty of oversight support:

The AUDITOR GENERAL of the agency doing the bad thing.

The ATTORNEY GENERAL of your country.

The ATTORNEY GENERAL of your state.


All of THE COMMISSIONERS who run any given agency or group.

As many REPORTERS as you can email.



Note: Each party has their own agenda. Assess their goals before you align. To avoid flooding the individuals with
spam, we do not provide full contact information here, but details are easy for a capable party to source. To avoid
cover-ups, never report a crime incident to only one source, always cc: as many related entities as possible. If a
person listed is no longer with that organization, go to the press contact at that organizations website and
request a new contact.

You have a large number of people who will support you. The only people who try to shut-down whistle-blowers are
those who are engaged in crimes. Below, you will find a partial list of some of the people responsible for bring
about “The Age of Transparency”:

Marcel Reid, Pacifica Whistleblower Liaison

Michael McCray, ACORN 8

Zena Crenshaw-Logal, Executive Director, National Judicial Conduct & Disability Law Project

Tom Devine, Legal Director, Government Accountability Project (GAP)

Lawrence Lucas, President, USDA Coalition  of Minority Employees

Tanya Ward Jordan, Founder, Coalition for Change (C4C)

Jason Zuckerman, Partner Zuckerman Law Firm; Former Senior Counsel, for the U.S. Office of Special Counsel

Dan Meyer, Executive Director of Intelligence Community Whistleblowing and Source Protection; Office of the

Intelligence Community Inspector General.

Gloria Minott, Public Affairs Director WPFW

William “Bill” Bergman, 9/11 Whistleblower, Truth in Accounting

Zena Crenshaw-Logal, Executive Director, National Judicial Conduct & Disability Law Project

Danielle Brian, Executive Director, Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

Michael McCray, FEW/LEW

Tanya Ward Jordan, Founder, Coalition for Change (C4C)

Andrew Kreig, Executive Director, Justice Integrity Project

David Grogen, U.S. Marshal Service, Justice Department

Arthuretta Holms Martin, Coalition for Change

Paulette Taylor, Civil Rights Chair, Coalition for Change

Arlene Englehardt, Former Pacifica Executive Director

Glenn Greenwald, Journalist

Marcel Reid, Pacifica Whistleblower Liaison

Sharyl Attkisson—Former CBS Investigative Reporter

Andy Lee Roth, Director, Project Censored

Micky Huff, Director, Project Censored

Kristina Borjesson, Freelance Journalist (ABC, CBS, NBC)

Matt Tabbii, Investigative Reporter

Cathy Ball, Legislative Representative, National Treasury Employees Union

Shahid Buttar, Executive Director, Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Keith Wrightson, Worker Safety and Health Advocate, Public Citizen

Marcel Reid, ACORN 8—Race, Power and Politics

Zena Crenshaw-Logal, Exploring the Vitality of Stare Decisis in America

Editors- ProPublica Journal

Michael McCray, General Counsel, FEW/LEF

Krista Boyd, Counsel, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Charity Wilson, Legislative Representative, American Federation of Government Employees

Robert MacLean, U.S. Air Marshal Whistleblower

Tristan Leavitt, Investigative Counsel, Senate Judiciary Committee

Larry Criscione, NRC Whistleblower

Amanda Hitt, Director, Food Integrity Campaign

Pete Sepp, Executive Vice President, National Taxpayers Union

Zena Crenshaw-Logal, Executive Director, National Judicial Conduct & Disability Law Project

Tony Norman, Vice Chair, Pacifica Foundation

Stephen Kohn, National Whistleblower Center

Zena Crenshaw-Logal, National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project

Andy Shallal, Mayoral Candidate (Community Activism)

Joseph Nacchio—CEO Quest Media Former  (Corporate Responsibility)

Brad Birkenfeld—UBS Whistleblower (Frank Wills Award)

Jason Zuckerman, Partner Zuckerman Law Firm; Former Senior Counsel, for the U.S. Office of Special Counsel.

Jordan Thomas, Chairman of Whistleblower Practice, Labaton Sucharow

Eric Ben-Artzi, Deutsche Bank financial whistleblower

Lisa Donner, Executive Director, Americans for Financial Reform

Robert MacLean, landmark whistleblowing case on the WPEA

Shirine Moazed, Chief, Investigation and Prosecution Division, U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC)

Mick Anderson, OSC Public Servant Award Winner

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

Senator John Boozman (R-AR)

The Honorable Elijah Cummings (D-MD)

The Honorable Blake Farenthold (R-TX)

The Honorable Jackie Speier (D-CA)

Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner (OSC)

Patricia St. Clair, Assistant Director; Training and Outreach Division, EEOC, Office of Federal Sector

Dr. David Tharp, Veterans Administration Whistleblower

Daniel Brennin, Project on Government Oversight

Lydia Dennett, Investigator on behalf of Danielle Brian, Executive Director, Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

Paulette Taylor, Civil Rights Chair, Coalition for Change

David Grogan, U.S. Marshal Service, Justice Department

Zena Crenshaw-Logal, Executive Director, National Judicial Conduct & Disability Law Project

Organizations to carbon-copy Contact:



The U.S. Senate Ethics Committee




FBI — Public Corruption

Public corruption poses a fundamental threat to our national security and way of life. It impacts … Economic Stimulus Fraud/CorruptionReport Corruption Now. by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Report Corruption – Project On Government Oversight

This is the Report Corruption form for the Project On Government Oversight. – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Reporting Corruption – National Anti-Corruption Forum

Introduction. Because corruption affects us all, it is our common enemy. We therefore all have a duty to report corruption whenever we come across it. In some … guide-prevention-combating-corrupt-activities/ reporting_corruption.html – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Where should I report corruption? – Serious Fraud Office

We are the lead agency in England and Wales and Northern Ireland to which all allegations of bribery of foreign public officials by British nationals or companies … bribery–corruption/ where-should-i-reportcorruption.aspx – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Corruption Report, Bribe report and expose corrupt Officials in the …

CORRUPTION DESTROYS SOCIETIES, REPORT IT TO US. … This site is an attempt to expose countries and departments where corruption is taking place. – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Investigating Corruption Risk in Your State Government – State …

Review your state’s corruption risk report card and email it to your state officials. Track reform and play your part in more open and accountable state government  … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres – Transparency International

4: We offer free advice to victims of corruption and push for changes in the system . … Overview; Report Corruption … in line claimed she was asked to pay to have her boyfriend relocated out of his cell – where he is allegedly sexually abused . by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Online corruption report form – Independent Commission Against …

Home > Reporting corruption > Online corruption report form … what happened; when it occurred; where it occurred; why you consider the conduct is corrupt … reporting-corruption/ reporting-corruption-online-form – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Reporting corruption – Independent Commission Against Corruption

By reporting suspected corruption allegations to the ICAC, individuals and public officials can actively contribute to a NSW public sector that is more resistant to … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

FAQ About Reporting Corruption and Fraud – Report … –

Q: TO WHOM MUST YOU REPORT CORRUPTION? A: You must report all instances of corruption, criminality or conflict of interest to either the Department of … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Reporting Fraud and Corruption | Western Cape Government

Sep 19, 2013 … There are a variety of national and provincial institutions that handle government fraud and corruption. Each of these entities deals with specific … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Hong Kong ICAC – Report Corruption Channels – Guide to Reporting …

Complainants only need to state the known facts of the suspected corruption case. Duty officers in the ICAC Report Centre or ICAC Regional Offices will follow  … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

How to report corruption and police misconduct

If you think IBAC is the correct agency to handle your complaint please report it toWhere you choose to submit your complaint by post, please note that IBAC … reportcorruption-or-misconduct/ how-toreportcorruption-and-police-misconduct – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Recognizing Wrongdoing – Report Corruption – Department of …

Reporting fraud, corruption, waste, abuse or mismanagement is crucial to integrity in City government. And, this is why DOI wants you to know how to recognize … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Who can help? | Corruption Watch

Then let us know – click on the red Report an Incident button on the right. We’ve …. It has a telephone hotline where any person can report corrupt activities and … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Reporting guidelines | Corruption Watch

We generally don’t deal with corruption that happened before 2010, … This helps us group reports that relate to similar sectors where public power and … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Anti-Corruption Reporting – United Nations Global Compact

Anti-Corruption Reporting. A task force of the Global Compact Working Group on Anti-Corruption developed a guidance document on Anti-Corruption Reporting. issues/ transparency_anticorruption/ Reporting.html – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Report Corruption – NPA

Corruption inhibits service delivery. Likewise, reporting corruption will enable us to effectively deliver service to the public and to live up to our vision of … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Report Corruption – Department of Investigation –

The links at left, under “Report Corruption,” will give you background on recognizing wrongdoing, the City rules governing corruption reporting, and the various … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Report Government Corruption – Facebook

With Government corruption on the rise and the media not reporting it we need to expose them and watch out for each other. We are the media so it is up to us to … pages/ If-You-See-Something-Say-Something-Report-Government-Corruption/ 249889471719749 – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

How to Report Fraud or Corruption | Asian Development Bank

Contact the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity (OAI) to report concerns or evidence … and detail as possible, including who, what, when, where, why, and how. – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

anti corruption report.pdf – Gauteng Online

Corruption is where a person (A) gives (or offers to give) someone in a position of power (B) …. including how and where to report corruption and/or any ethical … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

How to report? – – Corruption Reporting

Online platform provides the possibility for all Kosovo citizens to report cases of corruption, organized crime, fraud, conflicts of interest, and other … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Reporting Misconduct & Corruption – Reporting Misconduct

Members of the public can report misconduct or corruption by Western Australian public officers including police officers as well as provide information that could … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Report Public Corruption to the FBI Online – US Government Info

May 17, 2006 … The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has created an online facility for reporting information about suspected cases of public corruption. b/ 2006/ 05/ 17/ report-public-corruptionto-the-fbi-online.htm – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Anti Corruption – Department of Water Affairs and Forestry

Officials, clients, contractors and suppliers are therefore urged to report all acts of … NB: The hotline is strictly for reporting on cases of corruption, and does not … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

How to Report Fraud and Corruption? – Inter-American Development …

Our ability to combat fraud, corruption and other Prohibited Practices is largely based on cooperation received from others, and information provided by reporting … en/ topics/ transparency/ integrity-at-the-idb-group/ how-toreport-fraud-and-corruption, 2872.html – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Anti-corruption and reporting agencies – Australia

Where to report corruption in Australia? You can report corruption to the ICAC online. Report corruption or harassment in NSW and other states directly to … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

CPIB: Reporting/Providing Information on Corruption Offences

Jul 19, 2013 … Reporting/Providing Information on Corruption Offences. If you have any information on corruption offence(s), please do not hesitate to inform … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Reporting Corruption – Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia

Reporting Corruption. How and where to lodge report/complaint on corruption? Walk-in to any MACC office. Refer to list of MACC offices / branches. Visit the … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Kenyans use anti-bribe website to report corruption – Sabahionline …

Oct 29, 2012 … The I Paid a Bribe website is dedicated to battling corruption in Kenya. … “SMS reporting functionality will allow people to report bribes in real … en_GB/ articles/ hoa/ articles/ features/ 2012/ 10/ 29/ feature-02 – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

News, investigative reports and authoritative links related to outlaw organizations , terrorist groups and official corruption in Eastern Europe. – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Cop Block | Reporting Police Abuse, Brutality, and Corruption

Police Accountability Report: Episode 116 Predators in Missouri Cage Jeffrey … are victorious over the lying, corrupt “City of Keene” in BOTH Robin Hood cases!

http://www.copblock.orgView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Reporting – Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre

May 1, 2008 … This section provides recommendations for a reporting procedure designed to help prevent corruption in the infrastructure, construction and … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Reporting corruption – Republic of Botswana – Government portal

There are several ways to report corruption to the DCEC. It is also important to note that every person is free to report anything they deem suspicious. One can … en/ Ministries–Authorities/ Ministries/ State-President/ Department-of-Corruption-and-Economic-Crime-DCEC/ Tools–Services—-/ Services–Forms-/ Reporting-incident-form/ – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

transparency in reporting on anti-corruption – European Commission

Transparency International’s Transparency in Reporting on Anti-Corruption – A Report of. Corporate Practices (TRAC) assesses the extent to which close to 500  … enterprise/ policies/ sustainable-business/ corporate-social-responsibility/ reporting-disclosure/ swedish-presidency/ files/ surveys_and_reports/ transparency_in_reporting_on_anti-corruption_en.pdf – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Where corruption cops fell short – NY Daily News

4 days ago … Hammond: The preliminary report from Gov. Cuomo’s Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, released Monday evening, makes for … opinion/ corruption-cops-fell-short-article-1.1535425 – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Ventures Africa | Corruption Reporting: President Uhuru Kenyatta …

Nov 1, 2013 … VENTURES AFRICA – To curb the growing trend of corruption, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday launched a website that allows … 2013/ 11/ corruptionreporting-president-uhuru-kenyatta-launches-anti-bribery-w ebsite/ – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Philippine Public Transparency Reporting Project

Enhancing Capacity for Monitoring and Reporting Transparency at the Local … who conspired to commit corruption and which caused the situation left to us),” … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Global Corruption Report – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Global Corruption Report is one of Transparency International’s flagship … The report reviewed where and why corruption in the judicial system is occurring. by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

First Annual Report on Corruption in Uganda – IGG

… of the DTM and the production of the first annual report on tracking corruption in Uganda. ….. 6.1 Reporting and Enforcement of Administrative Corruption . – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

How to Report Workplace Corruption |

In a workplace environment where professionalism and trust can cloak corruption , reporting such activities can be tricky if not handled properly. Minimize your … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Where can I report customs corruption in philippines? – Yahoo Answers

Welcome to the Philippines !! Isn’t it “More fun in The Philippines”? No way to report them corrupt customs officers as they want what is in your … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Would you report Chinese corruption to an anonymous government …

Sep 12, 2013 … ”Whistle-blowers are responsible for the authenticity of their reports,” warns the site—and reporting false information or disturbing the working … 123620/ would-you-report-chinese-corruptionto-an-anonymous-government-websit e/ – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

How to report fraud or corruption – European Investment Bank

The Inspectorate General receives all allegations of fraud, corruption, … via the Reporting on Fraud or corruption form; by email to … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

REPORT CORRUPTION – India Against Corruption

REPORT CORRUPTION – Forum to report and discuss cases of corruption in India at multiple levels… – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Combating Corruption in government – ETU

A toll-free anti-corruption hotline (0800 701 701) where incidents of corruption … There is a special law to protect people who report corruption in their offices. – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Tackling Police Corruption in Kenya – Institute for War and Peace …

Aug 6, 2013 … Report News ›› International Justice – ICC … one of the major barriers to fighting corruption is the vicious circle where members of the public are … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Controlling Corruption in the European Union – European Research …

School of Governance, …. Strength of auditing/ reporting standards and corruption ………….. 34 …. The plan of this report is as follows. wp-content/ uploads/ 2013/ 03/ ANTICORRP-Policy-Paper-on-Lessons-Learnt-1_protected1.pdf – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

The role of lawyers in the fight against corruption A Summary Report

profession to report corruption in general or corrupt practices … different issues in the legal industry that relate to tackling corruption, from the reporting. contentAsset/ raw-data/ af585d7d-6a7f-4c65-9b5c-3b5534118c74/ file – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Fraud or Corruption Report Form | City of Chicago Office of Inspector …

Let us know if what you are reporting is being considered in another forum such as a court or administrative process, like the Department of Human Rights, … get-involved/ fight-waste-fraud-and-abuse/ report-fraud-or-corruption/ fraud-or-corruptionreport-form/ – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

SA to launch anti-corruption bureau –

Jul 12, 2013 … The South African government is to launch an anti-corruption … be taking steps to explain to the public how to go about reporting corruption. – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

NPA Anti Corruption Policy.pdf

5 Reporting & Follow up of reported suspicion of corruption ………… 5 … NPA operates in many areas of the world where corruption is widespread according to . content/ download/ 604/ 5872/ file/ NPAAntiCorruptionPolicy2.pdf – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Spaniards say reporting corruption is ‘pointless’ – The Local

Jul 9, 2013 … Most Spaniards think the country’s political parties are corrupt while almost half believe the private sector isn’t on the straight and narrow, but … 20130709/ political-parties-top-spains-most-corrupt-list – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Worldwide corruption on the rise as public trust plummets – report

Jul 10, 2013 … The report shows that corruption numbers have increased over the … in the southern hemisphere – mostly Africa, where citizens feel there is no … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Global Corruption: Where bribery flourishes (and where it doesn’t …

Jul 9, 2013 … These are some of the ways that corruption affects people around the world, according to a new report from Transparency International. 2013/ jul/ 09/ world/ la-fg-wn-global-corruption-survey-20130709 – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Anti-Corruption Reports [EBRD – About us]

Apr 26, 2013 … The EBRD’s Anti-Corruption Report, published by the Office of the Chief Compliance Officer, describes the … Reporting fraud and corruption – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Vietnam latest news – Thanh Nien Daily | Corruption? What? Where?

Jul 12, 2013 … Only 38 percent of 1,000 citizens surveyed in 15 cities and provinces across Vietnam said they were ready to report corruption, according to the … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

China launches anti-graft site for citizens to report corruption | ZDNet

Sep 3, 2013 … Citizens can also send tip-offs on corruption cases, and will publish latest … China’s anti-graft Web site where citizens can report suspicions on … cn/ china-launches-anti-graft-site-for-citizens-toreportcorruption-7000 020155/ – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Global Corruption Report 2013: World’s Biggest Countries For …

Jul 10, 2013 … According to a new survey by corruption watchdog Transparency … In Kenya, where legislators recently tried to raise their salary to 84 times … 2013/ 07/ 09/ global-corruptionreport-2013_n_3568242.html – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

procedures for reporting and processing of allegations of fraud and

ensuring that allegations of fraud and corruption are adequately and … regarding fraud and corruption in the threshold program are subject to the reporting and. documents/ guidance/ procedure-reporting-allegations-of-fraud-and-corruption.pdf – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Reporting Fraud and Corruption – Leeds City Council

Information on how to report suspected fraud or corruption at the council. – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight


This report has been conducted within the project on “Ethics for the Prevention of Corruption in Turkey ….. to exist where there is also a propensity for corruption. t/ dghl/ cooperation/ economiccrime/ corruption/ projects/ TYEC/ 1062_Corruption%20Report.pdf – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Corruption and Human Rights: – The ICHRP

awareness of the damaging effects of corruption and works with partners in government ….. The report builds a case for saying that, where rights are guaranteed … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight – Luxembourg ranks 11th best in world corruption report

4 days ago … (AFP/ADW) Luxembourg has ranked as the 11th least corrupt country, … However this is actually a climb from the 2012 report where the Grand … en/ view/ luxembourg-ranks-11th-best-in-world-corruptionreport-529d7a40e4b0a66 dbd89a94b – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Anti-Corruption Policy – Danida Fellowship Centre

the international fight against corruption and advises partners on how to avoid corruption. In the Ministry of …. Where and how to report corruption. Zero tolerance … wp-content/ uploads/ 2013/ 12/ AntiCorruption-Policy-2011-UK.pdf – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Report Corruption, Fraud, Waste, Abuse, Mismanagement Or …

Report Corruption, Fraud, Waste, Abuse, Mismanagement or Misconduct … OIG also protects reporting DHS employees from becoming victims of retaliation. index.php?option=com_content &view=article &id=51 &Itemid=133 – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Self-Reporting Corruption: the significance of Abbot | Norton Rose …

Abbot Group Ltd is one of the first companies to use a UK self-reporting initiative in connection with bribery. knowledge/ publications/ 73910/ self-reporting-corruption-the-significance-of-abbot – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Small Bribes, Big Challenge, Extent and nature of petty corruption in …

The belief that reporting corruption will not change anything is also of concern. These are some of the key challenges for the national anti-corruption drive … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Reporting on anti-corruption: new findings, new focus

Sep 5, 2012 … ​The recommendations of the G4 Anti-corruption Working Group are now available for public comment. The Working Group has proposed a … information/ news-and-press-center/ Pages/ Reporting-on-anti-corruption-new-findings-new-focus.aspx – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

and many more you can find at your local library or web browser…