San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s Murdering Family

  1. London Breed always trying to bend the rules in her favor. Lost this one …

    Bombshell documents ‘PROVE’ Facebook and Instagram censored Americans for ‘misinformation’ because of pressure from the White House, top Republican claims

    Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan shared ‘smoking gun’ documents he says proves that Facebook took down content on social media at the direction of the Biden White House.

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    The left doesn’t seem to care that the hypocrisy of the two systems of justice is out on display, in full view. They wave it in the face for all to see, somewhat proud of their perversion of justice, I suppose.

    SAN FRANCISCO— The brother of San Francisco’s mayor was resentenced to a shorter prison term Monday for his role in the 2000 death of his girlfriend as she drove a getaway car over the Golden Gate Bridge following a robbery.

    San Francisco Superior Court Judge Brendan Conroy reduced Napoleon Brown’s sentence from 44 years to just over 31 for involuntary manslaughter, armed robbery and carjacking, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    In 2018, Mayor London Breed sent outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown a letter urging him to show leniency and commute her older brother’s prison sentence. She referenced her position as mayor in the letter, and the stationery read “Mayor London Breed” at the top. He did not respond.

    Marc Zilversmit, Napoleon Brown’s attorney, said they are pleased the judge agreed to a reduction but they had asked for an even shorter sentence. Brown has served nearly 22 years in prison, according to Zilversmit.

    “There are mixed emotions,” he said.

    The mayor’s press office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Brown and another man robbed a San Francisco diner in June 2000 and sped off over the Golden Gate Bridge. His girlfriend, Lenties White, drove and was either pushed or fell from the vehicle and was killed by a drunken driver.