The hacks and leaks at Sony Pictures Entertainment have exposed the dark side of Hollywood. The new information reveals an insider vision of a company racked with sexism, office politics, high-school-level personality quibbles and a severe mine-is-bigger-than-yours territoriality culture.

A number of lawsuits against Sony, from Lady GaGa to Sony’s own employees, have revealed even more.

An aspect of the revelations involves where Sony gets it’s ideas from. A number of revelations reveal that Sony seems to have established a process of “borrowing” technology and story ideas while “forgetting” to properly attribute or pay the sources.

Some of the ‘dirt’ exposed included:

– Sony finances Democrat Presidents in exchange for media ‘favored nations’ status over competitors.
– Sony and Google coordinate political manipulation campaigns together.
– Sony executives trade female entry-level staff like cattle at a ‘ranch’.
– Sony executives hire an insane amount of hookers, rent-boys and under-age sex providers.
– Sony executives bribe their kids into colleges.
– The good-old-white-jewish-boy club is alive and well at Sony.
– ZERO DARK THIRTY was a political PR hype movie commissioned by the Obama Camapign using government resources
– Sony steals patents from anybody it wants
– Sony stole it’s VR technology
– Sony stole its web video technology
– Sex deviancy is the rule at Sony
– Sony is a bunch of high-school whine babies who think their shit doesn’t stink
– Sony spends millions and millions of dollars on political bribes

The kids at Sony seem to have been very naughty children. They let their IT system go to pot, and got hacked, and outed, as “racist”, “misogynist”, “campaign rigging”, “high school tantrum throwing” kinds of people, per their own emails. Hollywood Reporter, The Verge, Wikileaks, and a variety of tabloids and pundits, have delighted in dissecting the fraternity house, inside antics, of Sony Pictures.

Their boss got fired. They got ridiculed for turning “Zero Dark Thirty” into a, slightly fabricated, political vote-churn tool. Other execs got kicked to the curb. All of their financial, contracting, political cash layout, and tax dynamics were placed under investigation, and even more sketchy bits are shaking loose…

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