Text of the Speech About Corruption Presented To The California State Capitol


Text From The Speech at The California State Capitol:





Organized Crime”








These are supposed to be the domain of prime time TV plots, not the daily “To Do” list of elected officials.



As taxpayers, state-born residents and original state business founders, we, and our peers, do not expect our own public officials to stab us in the back because they were not clever enough to compete on a fair playing field.



As Elizabeth Warren has said: “The game was rigged”.



The State of California operated a criminal enterprise by exclusively, covertly, illegally and unethically handing billions of taxpayer dollars to five men. In collusion, those parties used Internet, media and HR technologies to attack those who reported them or competed with them.



These men did not earn that money, they bribed their way to that money.



These same men were our competitors and they feared our market advantages. They chose to cheat instead of compete.



These same men were the largest providers of bribes to the state officials who gave them that taxpayer money. These men could not operate in the fair and open market because their products had already failed in that market.



These men, and their lackeys, are all connected to the crimes in this case by financial records, surveillance records, witness testimony, covert stock securities transactions, stock ownerships, electronic communications and related documents, now available to any competent investigator.



Arrests have been made, but more are coming. Even our team is, now, legally empowered to make some of those interdictions as citizens arrests.



The State of California knows about the details of these crimes, but the cover-ups are wearing thin.



Taxpayers have lost nearly a trillion dollars of their money because of these crimes. Our companies have lost their families, futures, homes, brands and lives because of these crimes, against us, and the taxpayers.



Toxic, lethal materials, were distributed across the state, as certified by federal MSDS documents, University research and EPA documents about the materials used by Tesla, Solyndra and the other, so called “winners” of the graft and payola cash and tax waivers.



The largest, deadliest, most environmentally damaging leak in California history is the Southern California Methane leak. It, and related leaks, are many times bigger than the BP spill. We would have used that methane to power every car in California, with no waste, for decades. Instead, it is being poured into the atmosphere and may have already undone every single “green energy initiative” the state has ever rolled out. Why did state officials pick toxic corruption over true “clean energy”.




The “California CleanTech” program was a toxic smoke-screen, designed to fool the voters into not complaining about this campaign-funding kick-back scam, which used “feel-good, crunchy granola” PR terms to hide horrific crimes from the public.



In order to assure voters that this public policy system is no longer rigged, this board should award a special discretionary damages distribution, in this case, to prove to voters that the system can still be trusted.



For hard facts, fully documented irrefutable proof, inarguable video news documentation and witness testimony, visit capitolcrimesquad.com or thesacramentocaper.wordpress.com or any of the hundreds of other news reference sites linked on the BIBLIOGRAPHY page of the WIKI at capitolcrimesquad.com



Thank you for your time today