Everything Bezos touches turns to shit.

AMAZON has proven one thing: It makes money off of selling goods and spying on citizens. It can’t make media that is any good. When it tries to make media it turns it into a culture-war based mess designed by accountants!

PETER JACKSON must be called in to save RINGS OF POWER or Amazon should just cancel this turd.

Once he started dating Ms. Sanchez her mouth turned into a horribly disfigured cross between the Joker’s mouth and a horse vagina.

Once he had control of part of the internet he turned it into a horribly disfigured spy operation to watch every human being from his Mount Doom perch in Seattle.

Once he got control of Lord of The Rings he turned it into a horribly disfigured woke, slow paced, sham of a lecture on politics.


reddit.comrRings_Of_Powercommentsxbmvr8matt_walsh_talks_about_the…Matt Walsh talks about the real reason why Rings of Power sucks

And yes, The Rings of Power sucks. Matt and ROP both must be banished into the depths of an orcs gaping asshole. HeatSuccessful2529 • 11 days ago Excellent assessment! HeatSuccessful2529 • 11 days ago It is possible to acknowledge that Matt Walsh is human garbage AND that Rings of Power sucks great big donkey balls.

escapistmagazine.comwhy-are-people-so-angry-about-the-rings-of-powerWhy Are People So Angry About The Rings of Power? – The Escapist

Even more than The Wheel of Time, The Rings of Power is a transparent attempt by the streamer to produce “ the next Game of Thrones .” Initial estimates suggested a $1 billion budget for six…

forbes.comsitespaultassi20220717the-lord-of-the-rings-the-rings-of…The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power’s Dislike-Buried … – Forbes

Skeptical Lord of the Rings fans have viewed the new Rings of Power trailer released this past week 6 million times, but the like/dislike ratio (YouTube hides dislikes now, but an extension reveals…

polygon.com23391434lord-rings-power-episode-7-reviewRings of Power episode 7 review: The cost of doing good in Middle-earth …

With each new episode, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has put more and more emphasis on the morally ambiguous choices our heroes are forced to make. Episode 6, “Udûn,” presented the…

breitbart.comentertainment20220910nolte-desperate-amazon-declares…Nolte: Desperate Amazon Declares ‘Rings of Power’ Critics Racist

We, the cast of Rings of Power, stand together in absolute solidarity and against relentless racism, threats, harassment, and abuse some of our castmates of color are being subjected to on a daily basis. We refuse to ignore or tolerate it. … BIPOC belong in Middle-earth, and they are here to stay. [emphasis mine]

reddit.comrRings_Of_Powercommentsxygqd7am_i_losing_it_and_this_show…Am I losing it and this show actually sucks? : r/Rings_Of_Power

Am I losing it and this show actually sucks? Watched the LOTR trilogy before this show started. Watched every episode so far, hoping for some semblance of awe like the LOTR movies inspired. Or even the awesomeness of the game of thrones tv shows. All the characters suck, the acting is bad, but the scenery/CGI is gorgeous.

quora.comWhat-is-with-all-the-hate-on-Amazon-s-Rings-of-PowerWhat is with all the hate on Amazon’s Rings of Power? – Quora

I think that Rings of Power will be bad because the show-runner said it would be. He didn’t say so in those exact words but he did make it clear that the show is an entirely new production that is somewhat inspired by Tolkien’s writings rather than following them. One thing that stands out is the compression of time.

hollywoodreporter.comtvtv-newslord-of-the-rings-the-rings-of-power…The Rings of Power Gets Review Bombed: Amazon Turns Off Ratings – The …

IMDb’s scores were likewise higher than those on Rotten Tomatoes, albeit still middling, with a 6.1 average score out of 10. Like with RT, most viewers gave the show either the best possible score…

youtube.comwatchLOTR The Rings Of Power Sucks! This Is Bad! LOTR Goes Woke!

LOTR The Rings Of Power Sucks! The Lord Of The Rings has gone woke! The new TV show made by amazon LOTR sucks so bad it hurts. LOTR goes woke! The Rings Of Power is bad for so many reasons which I…

youtube.comwatchThe Rings Of Power Is Failing Spectacularly – YouTube

Playing fast and loose with J.R.R. Tolkein’s universe was a bad gamble to begin with. Producers and show-runners of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power are

youtube.comwatchIt might suck for different reasons than you think | The Rings of Power …

The Rings of Power is a prequel to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Ring Trilogy. During the Super Bowl, the first teaser was released and caused a lot of controversies. Many fans focus on the fact that…

rumble.comv1ma96q-e380-rings-of-power-sucks-box-office-movie-talkE380: Rings of Power Sucks | Box Office | Movie Talk

E380: Rings of Power Sucks | Box Office | Movie Talk. OMB Reviews Published October 1, 2022 32 Views. Streamed on: Oct 1, 7:00 pm EDT. 7 rumbles.

forbes.comsiteserikkain20221004the-rings-of-power-is-eerily-similar…‘The Rings Of Power’ Is Eerily Similar To ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

Well, now I have another random observation: The Rings Of Power is following a strikingly similar plot as the last couple seasons of Fear The Walking Dead. In Season 6 of Fear, our heroes are …

youtube.comwatchThe Rings of Power Kinda Sucks | Amazon’s Lord of the Rings

Keep in mind this video is a joke, nothing I say is taken seriously, it is all a big piss-take.The first two episodes of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings: The Ring…

reddit.comrRings_Of_Powercommentsx3pg7fgaladriel_kinda_sucksGaladriel kinda sucks : r/Rings_Of_Power

So far, Galadriel sucks. Even if I divorce her from her canon character and ignore all the changes. I still don’t like her. She’s a jerk to everyone. First she almost leaves a soldier behind when they fall, refusing (at first) to pause for a few seconds to help him up. That doesn’t make her look strong. It makes her look like a nut.

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anchor.fmwelcometoasgardepisodesE380-Rings-of-Power-Sucks–Box-Office…E380: Rings of Power Sucks | Box Office | Movie Talk by Welcome to Asgard

*Welcome to Asgard! I upload my live streams from the main channel as podcasts so that if you miss an episode you can listen on your favorite podcast app! Check out …

screenrant.comlord-rings-power-trailer-tolkien-quote-spam-trollingWhy LOTR Fans Are Spamming The Rings Of Power Trailer … – ScreenRant

The charges leveled by sections of The Lord of the Rings fandom at The Rings of Power are numerous despite the trailer only containing 51 seconds of content. Among these