When did the world finally realize Elon Musk is SCUM?  When did his reputation turn negative?


I think when he called one of the scuba divers trying to rescue the Thai teenagers trapped in the cave a pedophile for no reason was the turning point for many. It exposed his craziness and general shittiness to a lot of people.

That was my first exposure to him outside of “rich car and space dude.”

There was a reason, he was butthurt because they said his submersible idea wasn’t viable.

Yes this exactly. It was a really clean cut case of him using his influence to attack someone with baseless claims.

When did he call those scuba divers ‘pedophiles’ who were rescuing the kids trapped in that Thailand cave? I think it was 2018.

That’s when he lost me.

He was already on a bit of a decline with his Twitter comments being overly edgelord meme-y, at first it felt like he was just trying to be “cool and hip” with the younger crowd but it turned out he really was just not the man people thought he was…

Then he goes and calls the dude a pedophile because they didn’t think his mini submarine idea would work

I remember 8 years ago when the internet loved Elon Musk and Conservatives hated him with a passion. How the turn tables…

Once upon a time, he did an interview about how no engineer would sign on to be his head engineer for SpaceX.

Said all of the good ones wouldn’t take the job and no sense in hiring a bad one.

I’m a mechanical engineer. No person in the field turns down that job unless Elon was that insufferable.

He started becoming a little cringey when he went on Joe Rogan’s show and weirdly smoked that joint.

What confirmed it was the Thai teens stuck in the cave saga.

From my perspective, it feels like he had an excellent marketing team for many years who were able to push the narrative that he was a cool genius making robots and rockets. He was supposedly a real life Tony Stark.

But then he started to speak for himself more and more, and we all got to see what type of person he really is.

The best example is like others have already pointed out, when he got in that weird one-sided argument with the diver saving those trapped kids. He acted like a petulant child wanting petty revenge, just because the diver said he didn’t want or need Elon’s help.

Plus I think more people are aware now that he’s not some humble self-made man. He inherited a ludicrous amount of money from his parents owning an emerald mine.

His energy went from producing cleaner vehicles that reduce traffic accidents to being very concerned with people not being able to freely use slurs and deny the holocaust

Yes, this! He got to thinking he’s essential and he’s not.

The anti-Jew thing. Also fucking w the war in Ukraine via starlink.


He was obviously a complete bag of shit fraud all along. As somebody that spent so long trying to get people to realise that a number of years ago, I can confirm that my job became much much easier around the time he called that rescue bloke in Thailand a pedophile. By the time he bought Twitter everyone that was going to think he was awful already did.

If anyone is wondering, the first HUGE red flag was that he consistently took credit for things he paid other people to do. He revelled in the ‘genius inventor’ brand the internet assigned him in a really tacky thick pop star kind of way actively trying to conceal the truth. He hadn’t invented anything yet consistently deceived people and leant into the brand. He also spoke in a way that mimicked a thick persons idea of a genius (knowing he could manipulate that demographic). He was acting and trying not to get caught out.

In reality he is just a deeply mediocre psychopath spoilt brat and I never saw any evidence to discount that diagnosis.

he consistently took credit for things he paid other people to do

For real. It annoys me so much when people defend him by saying “He is a literal rocket scientist”, and the rest. No, he’s not. He pays rocket scientists to make him look less like an idiot.

Buying Twitter somehow broke him or at least made it more public. Turned into a pro-Russian and pro-MAGA apologist.

When he started being more outspoken about being a terrible human being and a massive hypocrite.

I was a big Elon Musk fan, probably pre-COVID. Mostly because of SpaceX and him wanting to create a Starfleet Star Trek type future.

Then COVID hit and he became an anti-vaxx guy which surprised me. He seemed like he started to a change at that point.

Then he buys Twitter and soon after his Reich-winger attitude came out and he became a full on Trump-tard.

So pre-COVID he seemed like a real life Tony Stark ( Ironman ) type. Then COVID came and he got weird. And then buys Twitter and becomes a super racist, biggot, xenophobe.

Now he’s a real life Janes Bond villain.

Don’t take this as a personal insult, but he has always been a Bond villain, you and many others were just blinded by his success to see it.

When he started using his fame to promote dog crypto.

“Twitter should be open to all speech” proceeds to forward complete bullshit tweets about Pelosi’s husband and hires don lemon but then doesn’t like what he said and bans the interview. The guy is a total hypocrite and asswipe. He badly overpaid for twitter and only closed it because he legally bound himself. Anti-vax, anti-Semitic.. Cybertruck ..replacement name it. ..he’s had an impressive douche streak the last few years

He stopped supporting Ukraine, and gives some support to Russia. Also, his free speach doesn’t seem to cover leftists, so seems kind of hypocritical.

I, for one, NEVER liked musk rat. Ever. My friends were mystified as to why. Now they agree.

Same, I never understood the hype

When he hyped his hyperloop proposal which was only meant to kill consideration of high-speed rail in CA.

I realized that he was South African but hadn’t lived in the country since around 1995 which as a white South African man is very suspicious

When he came out republican.

He literally bought Twitter because they didn’t make him an exception to the rules.

I started hating him when he called that diver a pedophile that saved those kids in the cave. All because the dude said his idea won’t work. Musk is quite stupid. He lucked into wealth and pays people to do the heavy thinking for him.

When people realized he wasn’t smart or a genius at all he was just rich from being born rich and hiring the smart and genius people He’s an idiot like huge one too

When he opened his mouth and went from a person who runs a few impressive tech companies to a white supremacist, replacement theory supporting, thin-skinned “free speech absolutist” asshole.

The “Pedo Guy” incident is generally considered the turning point where he first revealed his true douche-noodle self to a wide audience.

Well, he is an egotistical asshat. Oops, there goes my X account.

The twitter files then he got busted for taking down stuff for Modi

He turned republican is why

He only turned republican because allegations were coming out that he sexually harassed an employee then tried to buy her off with a horse.

When he uncloaked as a nazi-loving racist bigoted drug addict.

For me, it was definitely calling the rescuer in the Thai cave a pedophile. It was just a WTF moment that sort of made me look skeptically at him from then on.

But the Twitter thing has just absolutely cemented that he is a monumental piece of shit. Him going full out anti-trans because of his daughter, giving a platform to literal Nazis, racists, and antisemites. There’s just no recovering from all of this.

Wonders how nobody is remembering that his fortune is from mining in slave conditions and that he admitedly supported a coup against Bolivia because of the lithium

When he stopped being a liberal. Reddit is a hard-left website and anyone that doesn’t follow the same political ideology is talked about negatively here.

He leans right politically. That’s a serious offense to a large subset of modern society. Any other answer is a bit disingenuous IMO.

When he fired the marketing company that constantly pumped out the image he was a cool guy with cool gadgets. (“Real Life Iron Man”)

Dumb bastard.

Now he’s just known for what he is; A spoiled, entitled, diluted, arrogant, fragile, white supremacist, dipshit.

Some time in that ballpark when he started expressing conservative viewpoints.

When he showed his dick to the flight attendant. That did it for me.

I think the Thai cave was the first question mark, the stuff happening around covid (forcing workers in the factory) was confirmation he was not right in the head.

Redditors only like people who agree with their views. When Musk was creating an EV, he was a God to the left. Then they realized he disagreed with everything they believed in and is very vocal about it. Instant hate.

This occurs with anyone who disagrees with their views. They call any black person who disagrees with their views on racism an uncle Tom.

Reddit is mostly an echo chamber.

When he started advocating for “free speech”. Keep in mind, reddit, its moderators and its admin team are probably the most anti-free speech people in the social media market.

Having a competitor to reddit that actually advocates for what reddit used to stand for is not a good look for the people that are currently running this website to the ground.

It was when he showed conservative leanings. It’s cool to hate conservatives for no reason other than that currently.

The fact they keep voting for a rapist pedo is a pretty good reason.

When he went Fascist probably

He is a terrible person with no morals who exists only to farm the attention of nazis and people to stupid to understand tech. He’s not a very likable person.

In an actual answer, it’s because he was initially seen as “funny tech and space dude”. He was the owner of Tesla, the richest man in the world, and acted like a child, and that was funny. He was seen as ultimately harmless, and pretty funny, so he was almost universally liked.

Then, around the time of the 2020 American election, he made a series of tweets in support of Trump. Naturally, not many people like Trump, and so about half of his audience didn’t like him anymore.

Since then, he has been making increasingly extreme and offensive “memes” regarding the LGBTQ+ community, black people, and women. A large portion of the republican/conservative fanbase has turned away from him, and those that remain do not think he is far enough to the right of the political spectrum.

He has fans from across the political spectrum, of course, because of those original points and people not understanding how stupid Musk truly is. Those that dislike him think that he is too stupid to own companies – if you look at their performance, they may be right.

Then there was the acquisition of Twitter. It was an extremely stupid business decision, and it was a humiliation on a grand scale; he was essentially forced to buy it after mocking the company and saying it would “Never make a comeback”. After that, he tried to be actively “on” all of his companies’ PR teams. In SpaceX, he’s just not smart enough to pretend to be a rocket scientist. Tesla is a failing company. “Boring Company” hasn’t put out a product in ages. X (formerly Twitter) is dying and full of nazis.

Overall, a lot of people view him as a complete man-child. The very things that made him popular pre-2020 make him such an unlikable person now for anyone with an ounce of sense.

This comes from someone who used to be a huge fan of Elon Musk. Pre-2020, I saw him as a relatable and cool guy with cool gadgets. I defended him to people as best I could. I supported his companies in any way I could – though that didn’t amount to monitary value. I was everything that I now hate about his supporters.

Then, when he supported Trump, it took me a while to fully comprehend how a person I looked up to so much made such a dumbass stupid decision; I mean, come on – he had everything he could ever want.

I think, in a way, the massive loss of support post-2020 absolutely destroyed Musk himself. He doesn’t know how to adapt, and so his best way forward was to pander to his new far-right fanbase in any way he could. Walking back his views would make him seem weak, and could have impacted his finances.

So he continued to trend right, until he got to the point now; ranting, arguable racist, definitely homophobic, and the worst example of a “populist” you can find because he’s trapped himself in an echo chamber of extremist dialogue.

I hope this has helped. It is truly sad to see what’s happened to him, and it is disturbing to see someone fall so far.

Personally it was when he became a “free speech advocate”. He shouldn’t even be concerned with this minutia. He should be concerned with the crazy cool inventions and ideas that made us adore him.

When he became a pro-ruzzian peacenick shill.

When it became clear that he’s a racist, bigot, and lacks compassion for common people. He’s literally the rich villain from the comic books.

When he bought Twitter and stopped banning people for speaking out.

Never liked him. He has always been lord douche. He is a misogynist, his money is from apartheid emeralds, constantly says unhinged things that come from extreme privilege, and has a God complex

The moment it became apparent he was a jackass. Though specifically the cave pedophile thing

When he started showing who he was.

Cool tech space guy Elon was cool, because be could be whoever I wanted.

Then he exposed dickhead transphobe, paedo-calling, twitter-owning Elon and ruined the idea.

I think he was always douchey, but now that he can’t stop talking, he’s TrumpCunt level Douchery

When he started talking about buying twitter. The Party marked him as an unperson, and started directing the Two Minutes’ Hate at him. All the high esteem in which he was previously held vanished in an instant. We have always been at war with Eurasia, and we have always hated Elon Musk.

If you don’t get those references, read George Orwell’s 1984.

Easy, he proved that he wasn’t actually a leftist like people thought he was. He didn’t change.

I think when he bought twitter and used it as a massive engine to really drive in the fact that he was always a stupid asshole was kind of the final nail. anyone who supported him after that is so far gone that nothing you say is going to change their minds that emerald boy isn’t their messiah.


When he stopped letting his PR firm spin his whole persona for him and started actually engaging with the world more himself.

People started thinking “this guys actually pretty weird and kind of dumb.” But brushed it off cause eccentric, whatever. Then the whole scuba incident, and it was “oh, he’s actually just a total asshole.” Then it continued to steeply plummet from there as he doubled down and continued to directly show who he really is to everyone and anyone that cared.

Bigger issue is that the guy has an absurd amount of money and influence. Otherwise, he’d be written off like any self-absorbed immature grifter you find on 4chan. Now if you frequent news sites you’ll be forced to see articles repeatedly and consistently how he denies the Holocaust or believes the vaccines caused disease or whatever dumb shit of the day.

When he was all about Space, EVs and basically “sciency” stuff he was alright. Then suddenly turned fascisty with the purchase of twitter.

Considering “Rät” by Penelope Scott came out in 2020 I’d say it started a a little while before that or around that time.

I think he was actively and secretly pump and dump pimping with the reddit apes and it just escalated his mental decline when he started reading the coments about his wierd thailand pedo submarine butthurt type of stuff.

When all the news of him being a complete cunt of a boss came out.

When he showed support for conservative values. That’s the main reason.

He decided to start doing insane stupid shit. He started to get involved in politics more, he bought twitter and ran into the ground. He accused a person of being a pedophile because he didn’t get his way. As time went on it became clear he isn’t some genius he is just another rich asshole.

The first time a lot of people saw the truth was when those people got stuck in that cave and Musk called the dude trying to help a pedophile for no reason

He was always an asshole, but Reddit didn’t turn on him until he started firing wokesters at Twitter.

The moment he sided with Putin……

lie for long enough and eventually you’ll get found out

Elon Musk is for free speech and Reddit is literally abunch of armchair Communist. They love to censor people who diverge from the hivemind collection for agenda purposes. Users use downvotes, mod use permanent bans. You can’t have free thought because of the political dissent truth brings. So when Elon bought Twitter for the purpose of free speech at a financial lose for himself; they foamed from the mouth and now Elon lives rent free in their mentally ill heads.

It really does seem that way. I’ve been having a read through the comments and so many are hyperbolic and then you read more and it’s, oh he doesn’t agree with my heavy political leanings so he is absolute scum. I love the complete intolerance and to hate someone because they aren’t just like you.

The far left are a very authoritarian bunch.

As much as I admire what he’s achieved, I wish he’d stayed off Twitter and let the results do the talking. Probably many people feel the same.

My circle of friends has hated him from the start, but I think the cultural shift started towards like 2018-2019 and was fully swinging against him by 2020.

He’s a billionaire with an endless supply of drugs and money… Nothing changes either way…

I think it was when he crossed a line and became too full of himself. I predict he is going to go full Howard Hughes sooner or later. It’s a natural byproduct of being successful and suddenly surrounded by people who call you a genius.

His narcissistic qualities started becoming more prevalent, mixed in with his arrogance.  He really only cares about himself.

when people found out he had a savior complex, but only he was allowed to be the savior

Hmm, I never liked him ever since paypal. He just gave me weird vibes. Something about him I didn’t like. My friends loved him til recently, but always gave me shit for not liking him. Guess I’m better at reading people lol

When he stopped trying to change the world in a positive way focusing on EVs and space and is now just your average internet troll. He could be halfway done with a Mars project by now BUT NOOOOOOO he has to “save free speach” ????????????????????????????????

I’ve seen this question a few times. Most people thought he was interesting. That’s it. There was never a big movement that turned negative against him. He just opened his mouth and awful shit and lies came out. Now he’s just more publicly a fucked up troll with a fucked up grasp on reality, but that’s always been the case.

On the surface he’s doing a lot of cool things. Tesla really helped push the electric car into the mainstream again. It’s actually really cool that the boosters on his rockets can be reused. All cool stuff.

But a slow burn of him revealing who he actually was–intentionally launching the boring company and the fraudulent hyperloop to stop high speed rail from competing with cars in California, tweeting right wing and racist screeds–have left most reasonable people who know anything other than the Walter Isaacson hagiography with a bad taste in their mouth.

He shared a picture of 2B and cried when people told him to credit the artist

he used to be egomaniac, and then, he became openly nazi

Calling the cave rescuer a pedophile out of the blue and having a bit of a public fit about it. Made me realize how many of the things he does are unapologetically erratic and often distasteful and thoughtless.

Because Elon went from being an eccentric electric car company CEO to being a prominent voice in the alt-right section of American politics who bought a social media platform and happens to run Tesla and SpaceX.

Elon was always a quirky manchild but that was considered way more tolerable when the tradeoff was founding a car company that made electric vehicles commonplace.

Because for a giant section of people who grew up in the 80s and 90s, the idea of an electric car always felt right around the corner. The success of Tesla felt like we were finally stepping into that future.

Then add on the success of SpaceX and the potential of space travel being a thing again. Now the idea that we get to back to a time where new inventions and new discoveries that we lived through in the 60s, is suddenly palpable.

Elon became a symbol for all that and slowly, as we learned more about what the actual man believed in, it became clear that Elon falls very short of the image he had cultivated.


It started with the Thai scuba divers’ scandal, but his reputation really took a huge dive when he bought Twitter and we found out that he really is the nazi piece of shit we got a glimpse of during the PR debacle with the cave divers.

Before that, he had an amazing PR team that kept all of that a secret, but he thought he didn’t need them. Surprise!

He had a PR team who were successfully crafting his public image to make him seem great. He fired them and started communicating with the world unfiltered and wrecked his reputation by showing he’s just another jerk nepo baby.

He’s was always being heralded as this billionaire inventor with huge visionary ideas to bring those 50s and 60s ideas of the future a reality.

Then it turns out he’s just a moron who buys future tech companies, ups the stock price which then feeds his ego enough that he over promises the R&D or ruins the flow of research and points it in a new stupid direction.

For me personally, it was when I realized he was a white supremacist..

It started going wrong when he started talking and telling everyone what he really thought. As a former software engineer, I could tell he was hamming it up big time whenever he talked about coding or engineering. Then he started throwing around accusations and sponsoring some really dumb viewpoints and all the mystique just evaporated really.

When he bought Twitter and exposed the corruption, Corporate media went after him and lots of the people of lesser minds bought it all.

When they realized he wasn’t an extreme leftist.

I don’t think he was ever considered “cool” by any significant majority. He was a curiosity, because tech media kept pushing him as a thing, and he had a little cult following of people who think like Marvel superhero fans and thought he would propel humanity to futuristic heights. But that was back when his opinions and perspectives were still a bit of a mystery, and mystery builds interest. Then he started opening his mouth all the time.

When he bought twitter with the stated intent to make it a free speech platform again.

Musk is like the tech version of Rudy Giuliani. Rudy was adored by NYC and the nation because of his response to 9/11 and helping to clean up the crime in NYC. Then he turned into a MAGA clown. If he would’ve stuck to his original image he would still be considered a hero by many.
I had goosebumps watching a half drunk Musk get emotional when talking about the perils of climate change on Rogan’s show. Now he’d probably say climate change is woke and part of a mind virus.

Calling the diver a peado was the turning point for me.

When the ideas around the Boring Company came out. Maybe 2017? Prior to the cave and the flamethrower, showing he was pursuing dumb ideas like tunnels for self driving cars, instead of trains, showed he had bad motivations.

When he opened his mouth

He started posting too much and people got tired of him. That and not posting the groupthink of the moment definitely undermined his popularity.

I’m waiting for the day he says that his political transition to batshit crazy MAGA was just a ploy to get conservatives to buy electric cars. But I’m starting to think it’s for real

It was the moment he said he supported conservatives and said that they would start attacking him.

Somewhere around the Dogecoin Saturday night live fiasco.

I always thought he was lame

Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. And when inch by inch he further revealed his megalomania.

When the Comical Nonsense Network nudged them to.

I disliked him when he basically pushed Martin Eberhard out of Tesla. Then I thought maybe he just had a great vision for Tesla and maybe that was important enough to kick out Eberhard. Then I realized my first instinct was correct after all.

When he opened his mouth.

when he bought twitter and the left wing media turned on him. everyone who blindly imports their beliefs from what’s zeitgeisty soon followed suit.

For me, before 2018 I greatly admired what he was doing and invested quite a bit of money in Tesla. My opinion started to turn with the Thai cave thing. Then I saw shades of his erratic and impulsive behavior come out in other ways. He briefly implied that the SpaceX pad rocket explosion may have been sabotage without any evidence of it. He started throwing his weight behind far-out ideas like The Boring Company and the hyperloop. Both sounded great on paper but hard to believe they would bring the kind of near term benefits he implied. He even suggested the California High Speed Rail project should pivot and implement something more high tech (like Hyperloop, which in the best case needs decades to mature).

He also made a lot of promises that either turned out late and below the bar he set, or are still not met and are uncertain. Examples include full self driving (which he has charged a lot of money for and it’s still far from hands-off), the Vegas Loop, which should have been automated by now but is still using human drivers which is quite embarrassing, the Cybertruck (I don’t need to repeat all the disappointing aspects of that here), the robotaxi (by now a lot of people that bought a Tesla should be able to send it out to earn money for them, but at this point that’s never going to happen IMO). I could go on.

He also got weird about COVID, suggesting pretty dangerous things, and moved to the far right politically.

I stayed invested in TSLA until early this year but pulled out a couple months ago after losing confidence in the future direction of the company. Quality problems are mounting, the Cybertruck is crap, China sales are falling, his big mouth is turning off consumers, the design of his cars is aging badly, vehicle range has not improved, true FSD is still very far off, and he’s distracted with Twitter/X and all kinds of other things.

The only one of his companies that I still believe strongly in is SpaceX, because he lets Shotwell run it and they are delivering on promises. But I can’t invest in SpaceX.

I used to badly want a Tesla car. Today, I want nothing to do with it, and I’m not even confident Tesla will survive as a company.

When he started opening his mouth. He was an illusive genius before that, now he’s a bigoted moron who never invented anything – just had the money to buy until he succeeded.

When he went against the Democrats. They do not like defectors.

When he moved to Texas, he showed the world that he wasn’t progressive, he was SELLING progressive.

When he started pointing fingers at radical left but not radical right.

When he started talking in public about his personal views of society, politics and work environment or any other topic where you can easily show how much an ausholen you are.

I’ve always not liked him.

When he started espousing Conservative ideas, that can’t be had on Reddit.

When he showed himself to be a far right racist neo-fascist with no loyalty to america whatsoever.

When liberal media decided they didn’t like him the sheep followed

When he started loudly proclaiming what a piece of shit he was with no moral compass was about the time most people were like “well, fuck this douchenozzle.”

When he became radicalised into a white supremacist wielding his power to attack diversity with his racist views that only white men are competent – while exposing he is an incompetent fraud.

I’ve always thought he was an idiot. My opinion of him has never changed. He is still freakishly stupid and a complete narcissist.

I’ve been saying it for many years. I’m glad the internet is finally catching up to me.

The open Nazism doesn’t help.

Probably when it became clear that he’s a fascist.

He was always an idiot. He’s not a genius. He’s made his money so now he can be who he always was. Just like the Dilbert guy.

He was never “relatable.” Why does everyone think any cunt can just put on a t-shirt and jeans and suddenly become “relatable.” He’s a trust fund narcissist, and now he thinks Democrats are making him pay more taxes, so now he’s pretending to be conservative. He’s just like every other plutocrat. Twitter is a dumpster fire…..he hit a goldmine with all the paranoid, racist, homophobic, scientifically illiterate Abrahamic fanatics.

Only one answer: the Bitcoin crash. People used to love him here until he started posting Bitcoin memes and crashed the price, liquidating lots and lots of people and starting a bear run

When he exposed himself as a facist pig.

I feel like you’re trolling…

When Trump got elected, Elon decided to join his advisory board. That was the first moment he put his values on display, and it’s only continued since then, not some one-off event.

TL;DR – People started reading/hearing what was on his mind. Before that his mouth was largely shut in the public eye.

Longer version:

When Elon started exposing his thoughts to the internet people finally understood how vapid, often stupid and absolutely terrible he was as a visionary and as a billionaire.

Compare it to someone like Steve Jobs. He had problems, he likely stole a lot of his ideas for the designs he had Apple make for him, but he was undeniably a charismatic visionary that could make people work for him while knowing where his weaknesses and strengths lie.

Not Elon. Elon believes he can do it all and has basically no understanding of the things he wants to be project being good at.

His thoughts are rarely fully formed when shared and often wants to be 13-year-old-on-the-internet edgy or “#deep” to his followers.

He showed himself to be the incompetent far-right idiot loser he has always been

When he coddled fascists, white supremacists, and lied about the so-called “Twitter Files” in an attempt to aid Trump’s reelection.

  • He was likely always an asshole, but surrounded himself with some people who helped him manage his image and reigned in his worst impulses.
  • But now all he has around him are sycophants (he fired the rest), and fame and cult of personality among his fans have given him a real sense that everything he does is brilliant.
  • He does have some skills that made SpaceX and Tesla (after purchase) possible – out of the box thinking, hiring the best people, inspiring employees – But he has always had a penchant for claiming credit for everything at those companies to the point that he now has problems attracting the best people.

We didn’t really know Elon that well in 2018-2020. I also thought he was the nice guy with money. Turns out, he a just a regular jerk like the rest of us with his own fucked up views. And he still has money.

I was one of those that thought he was kind of cool mostly because of Space X and he was pretty funny, didn’t seem like he took things too seriously. But then we went from commenting on lighthearted topics to serious ones: US politics, Russia/Ukraine War, etc. and increasingly has come off as unhinged and full of himself. As if his every word should be followed on every subject because of who he is.

he opened his mouth and started having more of an unfiltered public persona rather than just scripted ted talks and showed who he was

When he changed his political views.

It was funny, everyone was like, he’s really refreshing being a billionaire who’s an actual person and not an old penny pincher. Now everyone’s like, why can’t he be like every other billionaire he’s so annoying.

I think he just obviously became Republican and that’s why. ????

The more Elon talked (or tweeted) the less I could stand him, especially after that soccer team cave rescue thing? Remember that? Elon just seems like a dim douche tbh

The COVID denial made me think he was not science savvy that I believe he was.

I don’t think I ever liked the guy. I thought he was kinda dopey, and then he decided to lean into being an asshole, and THEN he started leaning into being a nazi.

Elon has always been a combination of a visionary with plans to reinvent whole industries and an asshole to work for or to know socially. But when someone has an admirable side and an abominable side, opinions are likely to swing. His reputation is negative right now, but people might go back to ignoring what a jerk he is with the next time he creates something Gosh-Wow Cool.

A lot of public figures swing up and down in the estimation of the general public.

His politics are to the right of Hilary Clinton and therefore not allowed on this platform

I never liked him, but I didn’t dislike hime either,until he started spreading misinformation and weighing in on things he knows nothing about. His ability to lead a company doesn’t make him an expert in any other feild.

He’s free to say what he wants, but I tend to loathe willful ignorance.

When people realized that he was a conservative.

Actually I wasn’t a fan of his back in 2018-2019 but I kinda enjoyed people memeing about him in a positive way. Once I talked to my classmates and I shared that I like memes with him, they replied then that he isn’t such a great guy bc of working conditions at his Tesla factories. This event turned my perception of him slightly negative. But after he bought Twitter and started to pull out his true self thats when I started to dislike him.

Hes been reposting nazi talking points with the caption ‘interesting’ for like 5 years, and more people have learned how his humble genius backstory is essentially a sham and hes always been a flailing brat. Dude refuses to go to therapy and has made it the world’s problem.

People weren’t aware of his background before. Who he really was didn’t start to shine in the light until recently.

lmao controversial comments is just people saying the answer is musk is conservative

When he started criticizing the left.

Probably around the time he fired his assistant. I think that’s when his life just went down the toilet tbh.

It seemed like it peaked when he was buying twitter.

Elon Musk’s reputation among Redditors has fluctuated over time, influenced by various factors such as his actions, statements, and controversies. While he was initially celebrated for his innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and charismatic personality, his reputation began to face more scrutiny and criticism in certain circles as his public behavior and business decisions came under greater scrutiny.

Some key events that contributed to a shift in sentiment among some Redditors include:

  1. Tesla’s Production Issues: As Tesla faced production challenges with its Model 3 and other vehicles, Musk’s leadership came under scrutiny. Delays and quality control issues led to some disillusionment among fans and investors.
  2. Social Media Behavior: Musk’s activity on social media platforms like Twitter has been controversial at times, with tweets ranging from market-moving statements about Tesla’s stock to personal attacks on critics. Some Redditors criticized him for his online behavior, viewing it as unprofessional or erratic.
  3. COVID-19 Pandemic: Musk’s skepticism and criticism of COVID-19 lockdown measures and public health recommendations drew backlash from some Redditors, particularly those who viewed his stance as irresponsible or dismissive of public health concerns.
  4. Labor Practices: Concerns about labor practices and workplace conditions at Tesla’s factories have been raised by labor rights advocates and workers themselves, leading to criticism of Musk’s management style and priorities.
  5. Cryptocurrency: Musk’s tweets and public statements about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin have been both influential and polarizing, with some Redditors questioning his motives and the potential impact of his remarks on market volatility.

These are just a few examples, and opinions about Musk remain diverse among Redditors. While some continue to admire him for his vision and accomplishments, others have become more skeptical or critical of his actions and public persona. Overall, the shift in sentiment toward Musk reflects the complexity of his public image and the evolving dynamics of social media discourse.

When he responded to Bernie Sanders with Oh I thought you were dead already

When he started talking

Well at some point he was just the head of two very exciting, tech driven companies (Tesla and SpaceX). It’s hard not to respect that accomplishment (and despite what a lot of people say around here, it was and still is a tremendous accomplishment).

Then he started tweeting… It didn’t bother me so much at first, but it got progressively more annoying. My interest in, say, owning a Tesla just slowly degraded over time…

Recently, he has gone full right-wing culture-war shill. It seems to be his primary focus now. I’ve always hated Twitter (long before he bought it) but now Twitter seems to be his defining feature and trait. I’ve gone from respectful admirer and hopeful Tesla owner, to completely and utterly turned off of the company and anything he is involved with.

Probably when the mask dropped and he started being more visibly a complete cunt.

Prime example – he wants a $56B bonus for the work his employees do while canning 15,000 of those employees and fighting unionization.

When he began opening his mouth and revealing he’s just a hateful nepo baby

But honestly it’s kind of a good thing overall that he’s basically come out and shown he’s a narcissistic asshole who has very little true “talent” because it has absolutely opened a lot of people’s eyes about the concept of billionaires. Most people with that money are content to hide in the shadows so there’s this mystique around them and people assume they must simply be brilliant or really talented to make that kind of money

But the truth is becoming that rich involves ruining hundreds of thousands of lives and a whole lot of luck, plus a pretty good bit of wealth to begin with. Musk didn’t build an empire because of his true “talent” he did it by swindling and being in the right place at the right time

And him calling that diver a pedophile simply because the diver said Musk’s toy won’t help save trapped people opened the floodgates. Then he bought Twitter all while screaming “FREE SPEECH!!!” and then promptly started censoring the things he didn’t like. And now all while Tesla is laying off employees in huge numbers and losing revenue across the board he’s demanding a $52 billion pay package. Why would a business that is having worse performances year after year reward it’s CEO with that kind of pay package? It’s just all very eye opening

Lastly I implore anyone reading this to please get off Twitter. I finally managed to do it and it’s been great since. There are plenty of other options out there, and I know it’s hard to abandon a decent follower count, especially if you’re like me and need to promote content, but in the end it’s worth it to not support the guy

I never liked him that much but I didn’t have a huge dislike for him either. He gave me weird vibes and it was concerning how many markets he was trying to corner, but that didn’t set him apart from any other billionaire.

I always felt he was overpromising the teslas and when the SEC went after him for his $420 stock joke I realized he was another idiot with a ton of money. It’s been down hill since then.

I never liked him, but i didnt hate him untill he halted LA infrastructure projects with the promise of hyperloop or whatever else and then very predictably never built anything of worth. All to keep car sales high

It’s a “what have I done for you lately”moment for Elon.

He just kept opening his mouth and dumb things kept coming out.

When he became the richest & Mr Twitter fingers.

I feel indifferent about him myself

Free Speech is guaranteed, that does not means it comes with a guarantee. Musk was better as a strong, silent type. Once he started talking he lost everyone.

Most of these comments and even the upvotes feel like bots to me.

I don’t get how “allowing free speech on Twitter” isn’t at the top.

When he became a Trump humper

Familiarity breeds contempt. I love his companies (or, what they have done), but when it gets personal…meh.

i never liked him, but I’m looking for the elden ring build comment lmao

Elon Musk is a stupid mans idea of a smart man

When he started showing his true colors

At his time at/after Paypal. Most already knew that he is a huge idiot.

I think it was when he decided that he just had to involve himself with social, political and cultural issues instead of just building rockets, cars and satellite internet.

Back in mid-to-late 2017 Trump asked Musk to be on an advisory council and people got mad Musk was going to accept. Liberals got mad the green energy guy was going to help Trump and fucked themselves out of somebody who could have helped with green initiatives.

Guess he talked too much and revealed who he really was

He likes free speech and “they” don’t agree.

He started opening his mouth on twitter

I’ve always thought he was a bit shallow and immature, and I’ve thought his plan to colonize Mars was stupid and bound to fail…but, if it got us a cheap way to orbit and the ability to mine the moon and develop an industrial foothold there…I was okay with that.

It turned for me when he bought Twitter. I’ve been on Twitter since 2008 and it was fine. He’s pretty much wrecked it and made it a playground for crypto-scammers. He’s become involved in politics and that alone could result in everything he’s worked for at SpaceX being destroyed by a government he’s pissed off or by some loon who takes him out. Oh, and he took TweetDeck behind a paywall. I have two personal accounts and three business accounts and I would have TweetDeck running on multiple machines in the office on all the accounts and had a near-constant waterfall of data flowing. I tested it on one account and it’s been nerfed. Not worth a tenth of the subscription.

He made some bad comments about liberals and they turned on him

He’s always been a scumbag. People just find out at different times.

I think it was when people realized he wasn’t Tony Stark

It is the thing you know nothing about which is perfect.

People liked Elon Musk because we didn’t know anything about him, and we filled in the gaps with general coolness and goodwill and being smart and awesome. Then he started becoming more of a public figures, revealing lots of things which aren’t very nice.

It’s the same thing as “love at first sight” with the beautiful person across the room: they’re perfect, because you don’t know anything. You fill in the gaps: they share your political and religious views and like all the same books and movies and tv shows and weird sex things that you like. Then you actually meet in person and talk for while and find out that their religion is lunatic nonsense (while your religion is perfectly sensible) and their politics are evil and they have terrible taste in books and movies and tv shows.

He was a cool guy with cool gadgets. But then he started caring more about being famous than about the work. And when he showed the world that his personality sucks, people got the ick

He keeps opening his mouth

He showed his true color.

TL;DR – Don’t meet your heroes

He started posting his opinions online

when he became the richest man alive. people tend to dislike rich people nowadays..

I’d just like to know why I had never heard of the guy before 2013-2015 but he is now all over the place.

Honestly probably sometime between 2010 and 2015 for most people. By that time nobody thought he was cool except a very few real weirdos whoade him their personality. But after 2015 the general population went from indifferent to he’s got problems and by 2018 it was full on “this dude is a serious problem for all of society and ruins everything he touches.”

The day he threw a tesla towards Mars for shits and giggles i decided the guy was a twat. I never understood how he got an appreciable percentage of our fucking space program in his his grasp until I found out that he just bribed the nasa administrator in charge of that shit. Fuck that guy, I hope that not too many astronauts die because of him.

People thought he was a liberal, then found out he wasn’t.

When he started saying stupid and ridiculous shit.   Previously, when he said dumb shit it was about his own companies and we all got used to Elon time and Elon vision.  If he said we will have this in a year, and it will do this, then, it probably took 2 years, and maybe it did the thing, or, maybe it only did most of the thing.

But then he started saying dumb shit about other things. Like calling cave rescuers pedophiles.  Or buying Twitter and reinstating Nazis and banning people who complain about the nazis. Not a good look.

When he came out in favor of free speech- You dont slave to the current narrative you get canceled.

He stated he might vote for a Republican and all the NPCs switched from “all hail electric car inventor” to “Nazi White supremacist South African slave mine owner!” literally overnight.

Note how here that’s been completely memory holed. It’s so 1984 that they’re all claiming he was always a fascist.

Naw thats a lie

The pedo boy comments. Classy.

Around when he banned the word “Cis” from Twitter because he PERSONALLY feels it’s derogatory, completely ignoring the dictionary definition of the word.

I don’t know anything about the man but I know reddit and have to assume he did or said something that a cluster of redditors didn’t like and most redditro

Because he’s had more time in the spotlight and thus more time for his abhorrent behavior to be noticeable. It’s really that simple.

His reputation is still awesome, some people were just upset that he wasn’t a loyal democrat and started leaning right on some issues. Boo hoo feelings basically.

he didn’t start leaning right on anything, he bought into the maga movement because he’s a popularity obsessed man child. Like literally everyone else in the maga movement.

For me its when he dissed bitcoin and dropped its price. You dont mrss with my money

My first glimpse was when he publicly changed political parties to Republican. Weeks before a scandal.

Before that, he was mostly “huh” to me. (“Musk announces…” “Huh…”)

When it became obvious he was a dim witted man child with fascistic tendencies.

It wasn’t the start but it escalated when he gave cockroach bigots a voice by paying for it. Also there’s that creep that profited posting CP on twitter which he pardoned and verified.

People actually think opinions of redditors carry any weight.

They can vote

Because people started asking him questions and his opinions and he told the truth

When did redditors started disliking Elon Musk? Back in maybe 2018 to 2020, meme subreddits were very fond of him, thinking he was relatable and a cool guy with cool gadgets. When did his reputation turn negative?

What you meant: Hey blue team, remember why we hate this guy?!? Hur hur hur.

He stopped doing work.

He’s now just another management MBA that does nothing.

He’s work is in fund raising for risky projects. He hasn’t done that recently.

I have a lot of stock in the company. I’ve always found him brilliant but annoying. I don’t think he has hurt the stock as the downturn in automotive is industry wide and the cars themselves and his new products in battery storage and software are great. But he does invite lightning through his money, power and his inability to control himself… particularly his mouth. Buying X showcased his darker side as he has no one really to report to. Ketamine seems to exacerbate his flaws.

If you seriously don’t think his antics and decisions at Tesla have hurt the stock price, you deserve what ever you get

When he bought Twitter and said it was important to keep free speech. Many liked that Twitter was shutting down some that were controversial or were espousing views they didn’t agree with.

Mmm… When he showed his true colors?!

It’s not “when redditors started to dislike him”, it’s “when did he openly showed his true personality”.

I don’t know if there was a moment, more of a death by a million paper cut. He started doing sketchy stuff to pump and dump stocks/crypto, we got to know mode of her personality, he called that guy a pedophile, started getting really loud with dumb ideas, a bunch of things he said would happen didn’t, it came out that he never actually created anything and is just a rich kid who bought his way in, found out his family made that money with slave labor, we found out he has a bunch of kids he abandoned, it just kept/keeps coming

For me it was the obvious stock manipulations. as Tesla grew more successful he became anti-union. And there were obvious signs of corner cutting and financial mismanagement.

Then the family stuff and his Twitter comments about the Thai cave rescue.

buying twitter for the sole purpose of destroying it from the inside out

I can’t blame people that bought Teslas before he went insane. But how can any with ethics and principles buy a Tesla today?

He killed Twitter by opening it up to and amplifying right wing hate. And began espousing his own right wing hate.

He’s a racist, narcissistic xenophobe, and only bought twitter so he could spread more of his racist bullshit.

No Tesla for me, and I immediately closed my twitter account when he bought the platform.

And he’s a fucking weirdo.

It was when he bought Twitter. The left wing really didn’t like having its social media monopoly threatened like that.

How does the “left” have a social media monopoly? Who are the entities that control these platforms and please explain how you’ve determined they’re leftists. Do you even know what a “leftist” is? Because it’s becoming painfully obvious that every last one of the people posting a slight variation of your comment a.) doesn’t know what a leftist is and b.) has absolutely no idea how capitalism and the big tech arm of it works.

they started hating him when he bought Twitter and took it out of the hands of the left wing fascists who were controlling it

When people realized that someone can be a genius (very debatable), autistic, and an asshole all at the same time. They wanted Tony Stark and got Barney the Dinosaur with daddy’s blood emerald money.

When he went insane. Used to really like him but these days I can’t even hear about SpaceX, or something that I used to be really excited about, without just becoming sad. Like, he is smart. What happened? My theory is his aspergers plus hangs with the wrong people.

He isnt smart. Hes an idiot who happened to be born lucky

He is a classical liberal/libertarian, woke culture hates those people. He just started being vocal about it around that time.

He is also an autistic shit poster on social media, your worst comments define you in our culture. He has twitter post to trigger all sides of the political spectrum.

Yes that’s why he is hated. You’ve really done your research.

When he stopped speaking to the talking points of the left.

It’s so perplexing too, the man leads the effort in some the left’s biggest priorities

When he started criticizing Democrats ????‍♀️

Mainstream media went against him when he openly started criticizing liberals. Mainstream media shape what most people think, so he went from a savior to a villain overnight.

Last I was aware the MSM dont control his twitter account.

When he started to get political. You can’t criticize the left without getting brutalized in both legacy and social media.

As soon as the media told people they should hate him.

Hes anti-left which means reddit has to hate him.

When the media programmed the weak to hate him

Oh the irony of comments like this one.