Some of the applicant’s and reporters, who reported crimes were later discovered to be suffering from the effects of toxic poisoning… or worse.

Hydrogen and Solar CEO: Gary D. Conley, who reported some of the crimes to authorities, was found behind a Northern California Air Force Base with a bullet in his head. Friends and family members state that they do not believe the bullet was self-inflicted. Nearby security videos are “missing”.

Google is at the center of charges that they manipulated the internet in order to run retribution and payback campaigns against applicants and politicians. Who would know if the Google technology was capable of such attacks? Rajeev Motwani, the man who created the idea for Google and taught the other founders how to do it. Too bad, after being in perfect health, he was suddenly found floating face-down, dead in his Silicon Valley swimming pool.

Wall Street Journal Energy reporter David Bird was suddenly found floating, dead in a pond, after working on energy stories about the incident.

Three Tesla top engineers, one of them a whistle-blower, suddenly died when their plane went out of control as it approached the Tesla building. Numerous Tesla owners have died when their Tesla’s mysteriously swerved out of control.

The list goes on…

A vast number of deaths are associated with this case. All of the dead were in perfect health one day, suddenly dead the next day.