Franken: “We Will Have Hearings” About “Rogue Elements” Inside The FBI




Sen. Al Franken called Sunday for an investigation into “rogue” elements within the FBI. FBI director James Comey has faced criticism from Democrats over his decision to announce that the investigation into Hillary Clinton is still going on.

FRANKEN: I think what’s troubling that we have heard out of the FBI, I think it was troubling that he put that vague letter out 11 days before the election. I think even more troubling is what we have heard from sort of the rogue elements within the FBI, seemingly tipping off former Mayor Giuliani that something was up. And also, I mean, it just seems like that’s not the FBI. That’s not what the FBI is supposed to do, it seems. So, I’m on the Judiciary Committee. I’m sure we will have hearings. I’m sure that FBI Director Comey will be before us. And I think he should answer questions about this. And he should be able to control the FBI. He is director of the FBI. He should be able to — what has been happening there has been a little hinky, I think.

TAPPER: But, as you know, FBI directors…

FRANKEN: So, we will be asking him questions.

TAPPER: Yes. FBI directors are basically appointed for 10-year terms. He has served three….Do you have confidence that he can continue in that job for the next seven years if Hillary Clinton wins?

FRANKEN: I think we are going to have hearings. I think we’re going to try to get to the bottom of this sort of rogue element within the FBI that seems to think it’s OK to go outside the FBI to be trying to affect the election, that seems to be responding to just scurrilous right-wing books, and starting investigations based on that kind of — you know, that kind of propaganda that we have seen before.