Let’s face it, Netflix sucks. Netflix spies on you and sends your psychological profile, location and interests off to spies, political parties, marketing services, Google, The Silicon Valley mafia, the IRS, the DEA.. pretty much anybody can see what you are dong on Netflix.

NETFLIX spies on everything you do! They sell your privacy and data to:

Spy Agencies
Data Brokers
Collection Agencies
Political Campaigns
And other third parties

NETFLIX pushes a woke, queer, weird sex political agenda!

If you like to get pandered to and treated like one of the data cattle on the privacy harvesting ranch then Netflix is your Pimp!

Netlix pretty much works for Obama and his political gang and pushes woke mass media manipulation and gay sex social programming at you as a result. If you are a guy, Netflix really, really, really wants you to cut your penis off and call yourself a girl!

Whats worse is that with so many studios refusing to license content to Netflix now, streaming services such as Disney plus, Peacock and many more are on the rise. Netflix sucks.  Somehow, Netflix subscribers are left feeling like there’s nothing to watch on a platform that force feeds an over abundance of content from Indian and Mexican movies to it’s viewers.

Every Netflix subscriber claims there’s nothing above “B-list” movies being served to them on a thirteen dollar per month silver platter (and sixteen for 4k) Not to mention how unfavorable the label “Netflix originals” have become when slapped on a movie or show: “Netflix originals” is building a negative rep on par with Nickelback and Adam Sandler’s series of Happy Madison productions movies.

Everyone knows that Netflix is bad now and getting worse every day. Netflix makes young adults feel the same way the price of extra guac at Chipotle does… and that is the: “I don’t agree with this, but please take my money”, feeling. They know they’ve got your money because it’s too hard to say no each month because Millennials are so stupid and sheep-like.

Did we mention the increase of the monthly price? Netflix sucks. Netflix only hires Burning Man type extreme hair-dyed hipsters who have an ANTIFA-type attitude, especially if they are from Asia and will work like dogs for McDonald’s type pay and conditions. People who use Amazon Prime and then go back to Netflix can really see how much Netflix sucks. They would rather set their genitals on fire than stay with Netflix.

Netflix will make you love crippled, fat, black transgendered lesbians. You will get so many of them you won’t be able to stand it.

A while back Netflix destroyed its own rating system. What we mean by that is… they literally deleted it. Now, at the start of each movie we’re forced to either check rotten tomatoes or risk the next 25 minutes to figure out if a show or movie is worthy of our time and attention. Netflix removed their rating system in order to hide the fact that everyone thinks their movies are absolute shit!

Netflix stole most of it’s streaming media technology from small inventors that it never paid. If any inventor tries to sue Netflix, Netflix just sends millions of dollars of lawyers after them so that the inventors can never get paid. It is best just to put Netflix out of business.

Netflix spent zillions of dollars making new content but the content they made turned to be the worst shit ever created. When Obama and his buddies make media to try to program you into being “woke”, it ends beng heartless propaganda. Seriously, Netflix spent more money making shittier content han anyone in history. It’s as if Netflix was just funneling money back to Biden and Obama. Speaking of funneling money, the FBI’s Peter D. Cair has been busting Netflix executives who steal big money through the Netflix stock market system.

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