The Assassination Attempts Against The Public
While Gary D. Conley, Rajeev Motwani, David Bird, Forrest Hayes, and a host of others, may have actually suffered the worst of fates in this scandal, the main tool of the attackers was character assassination. Google, Gawker Media, In-Q-Tel, and a few others, worked together to attack and destroy the lives of any reporter, citizen, company, or arbitrary party that offended them or their handlers who worked in The White House and Silicon Valley Mansions.

These elected officials, and their staff, working under their orders, directed these services to “kill”American lives, brands, histories and families.

They ordered “hit jobs”, character assassinations and revenue terminations on U.S. Citizens because those citizens told the truth and spoke out about their crimes.

These public employees used taxpayer paid-for resources to destroy taxpayers who offended politicians by doing the right thing.

From well known reporters, like Cheryl Attkisson, to hardly known workers at the VA, to clean energy engineers who discovered that dirty organized crime deals were funding Solyndra and Tesla, nobody in America has been safe from these criminal public officials and there attacks.

Here is who they are and how it worked, as told in countless recent media and public investigations:




Gawker Sued Again, This Time For Breaking Their Word With A Source

Gawker is being sued again, which makes for five simultaneous lawsuit defenses. Plaintiffs range from Hulk Hogan to Gawker’s own former interns. Now journalist Ashley Terrill is calling Gawker out for their deceptive and dishonest practices.

Terrill has filed a lawsuit against Gawker Media and a selection of its employees, including Senior Writer Sam Biddle and Executive Editor John Cook. While conducting research for two stories about Tinder’s co-founders. Terrill interviewed Sean Rad and Whitney Wolfe, Tinder’s CEO and VP of Marking, respectively. Wolfe resigned from Tinder in April 2014 and filed a lawsuit against the company based on allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination by Rad and Justin Mateen, the Chief Marketing Officer of Tinder.

Terrill v Gawker Complaint by Milo Yiannopoulos

After being informed of the lawsuit by Wolfe’s attorney, Terrill noticed inconsistencies. When she tried to follow up, she was quietly warned away from pursuing it. Having been directed toward Gawker by a friend, she confided her mounting concerns to the Gawker editorial staff. They failed to mention that they had already allied themselves with her opposition. In a twist that should surprise absolutely no one, Gawker then took the confidential information and used it to slander her publicly.

The lawsuit lists numerous untrue claims made by the revolting media company, who once famously posted uncensored and unedited videos of terrorist executions. It also makes a pretty damning case for Gawker’s general propensity to act in bad faith regarding innocent individuals, its subjects, and its own employees.

By now, Gawker’s sleazy tactics and lack of integrity are legend. But don’t ask us; there are more than enough victims of their abuses that can tell the story. Unfortunately for Gawker, they’ve all had enough.

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  • Gawker is a disgrace to the first amendment

  • 5 lawsuits. And I hope all of them stick.

    Bring it all down.

  • We Germans have a word for what I am feeling now: Schadenfreude.

  • Gawker needs to go away and not come back…

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  • Gawker has already lost most of it’s bullying power, now most people just want to watch them burn.

  • It’s almost…almost…like they are unethical journalists who work in union with other unethical journalists and outfits to run a mob racketeering scam…or those filthy GamerGaters are making it look this way with their calling for transparency and accountability in $Current_Year

  • Gawker media is run by a bunch of Sanders-loving, parents-basement-living college amateurs who haven’t the slightest clue how life works.

  • Gawker is like all of those homophobic conservatives. The moment you open their closet, they’re sucking dick. In Gawkers case, even though defending the pompous righteousness of the SJW crowd, they’re molesting women.

  • Gawker will cease to exist even if they somehow win these lawsuits. Unless you’re a lawyer, successful people tend to not spend most of their time in court.

  • More lawsuits against Gawker and Biddle please:…

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