‘-Are we underestimating the danger from destructive-agenda hackers?

Are we underestimating the danger from destructive-agenda hackers?

One group of hackers have specialized software that attacks power plants. They have hit thousands of them via communications networks, to date.

Hobby hackers sell cheap software, online, that can open the backdoors in any products built by Cisco or Jupiter Networks. The Chinese, government supported, hackers bought all they could get their hands on and, routinely, attack any business computer network they can find. The U.S. Government has now filed lawsuits against the Chinese hackers.

Angry, frustrated, teen hackers have already demonstrated hacks that can cause the lithium ion batteries in connected electric cars, cell phones, laptops and other electronics to overload and explode by reprogramming their battery management software. (ie: Remove your batteries from your device when not in use)

Facebook has a giant billboard on it’s campus, and company slogans, glamorizing hackers as the hope for the world. A destructive life is applauded in their world.

The recent film: “Transcendence” presents Johnny Depp as Google’s Ray Kurzweil gone mad, and the results of a hacker-hell that Kurzweil and MIT have already said is “technically feasible.”

Your neighbors kid can turn on your daughters cell phone and PC camera, with a hack, and watch her taking showers without her knowing it via common hacks that most high school kids now know about.

How we being serious about destructive hackers? Have we properly informed, resourced and educated Congress, and the public?

Let’s discuss. Send in your links.

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