Google and Gawker Media: Partners In Character Assassination

Google and Gawker Media: Partners In Character Assassination

From politicians to celebrities to journalists to CEO’s; Google and Gawker Media work hand-in-hand to synchronize character assassinations, defamation programs and brand destruction against their assigned political enemies.

When a billionaire Silicon Valley campaign financier or a West Wing press aide wants someone killed, covertly, without breaking too many laws, they have the Google/Gawker take-down machine go to work.

Just like the two girlfriends in the notorious Internet film: “Two Girls, One Cup”, they each produce a coordinated volume of targeted media waste and then share it, and regurgitate it back and forth to each other.

Gawker sets up the hatchet-job ball and Google kicks it down the court, over, and over, and over again.

Google uses it’s monopolistic, web-baron, control of the entire Internet to lock the attack articles and hatchet jobs on the top line of the first page of it’s search engine results and on the top results on it’s YOUTUBE site.

Billions of people, across the planet just saw you being falsely accused of being a “Prostitute”, “Rapist”, “Child Porn Enthusiast”, or other life-ending thing, by the world’s biggest monopolistic search engine.

Both companies have the same financial connections, backers, advertisers, lobbying connections, off-shore tax evasion tricks, political connections, party invite lists and email and text each other with political coordination plans. They are linked by common players, strategies, timing, stock pumps and beneficiaries.

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