Google Home is confirmation that people are retards and don’t value their own privacy (v/whatever)

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Having an electronic device in your home with full permissions and access and a damn good microphone during a decade that has seen massive advancements in deep learning is incredibly naive.




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Google needs to be dismantled by the government, plain and simple. They are a criminal organization subverting democracy for profit.



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>Google needs to be dismantled by the government

>by the government

top kek



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Google is an arm of Mossad. So the kek is not quite as strong as it may initially seem.

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You know I was just saying to my friend the other day, “What the country really needs is something so important we will just have to trust it to the government.” /s



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At least the government is incompetent enough to make it less dangerous.



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It’s incredibly naive to think this is new, ignoring the Amazon Echo, Dot and all smart phones already in every home today.

It’s also stupid to be suspicious of s