“Google Home” is confirmation that many people are retards and don’t value their own privacy

Google Home is confirmation that people are retards and don’t value their own privacy (v/whatever)

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Having an electronic device in your home with full permissions and access and a damn good microphone during a decade that has seen massive advancements in deep learning is incredibly naive.




[–] Troll 4 points (+7|-3) 5 hours ago 

Google needs to be dismantled by the government, plain and simple. They are a criminal organization subverting democracy for profit.



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>Google needs to be dismantled by the government

>by the government

top kek



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Google is an arm of Mossad. So the kek is not quite as strong as it may initially seem.

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You know I was just saying to my friend the other day, “What the country really needs is something so important we will just have to trust it to the government.” /s



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At least the government is incompetent enough to make it less dangerous.



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It’s incredibly naive to think this is new, ignoring the Amazon Echo, Dot and all smart phones already in every home today.

It’s also stupid to be suspicious of something you can do easily test yourself. Download Wireshark and examine all the data the Google Home sends over your network. Notice it doesn’t send anything until the keyword is said.



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Because it’s more efficient to download memory caches in one data burst instead of continuous monitoring of each and every device deployed?



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Unless they’re idiots, that data will be encrypted. Analysis via Wireshark is useless.



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I immediately thought of Alexa as well. While that is a really cool thing, I’m not sure I’d use it enough to pay $180.




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90% of the world doesn’t know what deep learning is.



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You’re upset over a device in your home but not your phone as a potential spy vector?

Your phone is constantly with you so you get location data and people are usually pointing them at themselves or their surroundings.



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Here’s how software from SilverPush, a leading provider of “audio beacons,” works: When you visit a website that uses SilverPush tracking technology, the site causes your device to emit an inaudible ultrasonic sound. If any other devices you’ve got lying around—a laptop, a phone, a tablet—has an app installed that includes SilverPush code, it’s listening for that sound. If it hears it, SilverPush knows that the two devices are close to one another and, presumably, belong to the same person.




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That’s a new level of what the fuck. Does a compiled list of applications using this exist anywhere?

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Can I get a good source explaining how it works and some of the risks involved with said permissions? I’m not familiar with this device



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People sacrifice their privacy for FOMA. We all do it to an extent unless you’re a hardcore dude. We all get the latest technology knowing that shit is damn well gunna listen to you jerking off.



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what is google home?



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Look up Ok Google, thats a creepy shit already in a lot of peoples homes.