A Game:

Here are your first clues –

Every one of our products preceded theirs by almost ten years. They had nothing similar within years of our efforts.

Their version is a verbatim copy of what we first developed. They have no credible proof of any work prior to ours.

They all saw our business plans to develop these products, before developing their versions. We never got to see their inside information

They all made billions of dollars off of their copies, of our products. We lost money because of their sabotage, interdictions and market flooding.

The U.S. Government says we were the first ones to design, engineer, build and demonstrate these products and the feds put that in writing. They do not have such evidence.

The national news media says we were the first ones to design, engineer, build and demonstrate these products and the media put that in writing and on video. They do not have such evidence.

Industry experts who worked with us, on these products, will confirm that we were the first ones to design, engineer, build and demonstrate these products. They do not have such evidence.

They spent billions of dollars on the bribery of public officials in order get favors to exploit their versions of the technology. We spent no money on politics, or the bribery of officials.

They broke the law and got protection from those officials. We never broke the law and, actually, have helped law enforcement.

They hired some online publishers to put character assassination hits on us in order to punish us for reporting them to the authorities. We did not have the resources to overcome their attacks.

They are very well known Billionaire and Senator names, who are in the news every day. We are an unknown group.

They have also spent billions of dollars lobbying to remove inventor patent rights and are trying to defeat domestic patent rights. We are inventors and engineers who rely on those rights.

A massive number of the people they work with have been charged with financial crimes and suspected of murders, embezzlements, fraud and insider trading and some have been arrested. None of us have.

They know that in a fair public hearing, We would win! They will do anything to keep us from getting a fair hearing.

Their whole system is built on an Emperors New Clothes situation and they live in fear of transparency. We support transparency.

They feel that they can take what they want, with impunity. We think that the law and fairness should still be allowed to exist.

They all went to one of a handful of fraternities and are all in an adult fraternity club. We did not attend a fraternity.

They threaten investors who try to invest in some of our projects and run famous black-lists and “no-poaching” Omerta’s to threaten employees and control resources. We do not.

They hate outsiders, women, blacks, poor people and anybody who is not like them, according to federal and news media studies of their organizations and writings. We embrace everyone.


So, Guess:

Which Silicon Valley Cartel Members are they, and which Engineers are we?


Ready for your next clue?